Osteoporosis Disease

By: Zoee Smith

What is osteoporosis and how does it affect you?

This disease is when your bones have low mass which makes your bones very brittle.

It affects you by your bones are weak and it's hard to make a move or if you make a little fall you break your bones making it hard to do things.

How do you get this disease?

What might cause Osteoporosis is if you have a family history of Osteoporosis, not developing good bone mass when you were younger, and certain conditions. Your lifestyle really takes a big part in this disease.

Can it be cured and what treatments can do for it?

No, it can not be cured but there are things that can possibly help. Here are the treatments that are most effective, Calcium, vitamin D , weight-bearings, and medicine to help strengthen the bone.

Who does it affect?

White women have an 80% of getting Osteoporosis. It affects women more than it can men because women start with a lower bone density. As women age, they lose a lot more bone mass. The age of range of getting Osteoporosis is usually women around their 50's.

How can you prevent Osteoporosis?

You can prevent this by building up your muscle, weight-bearing, and have a rich diet containing calcium and vitamin D. Young girls should start by doing this so can prevent it from happening when they grow up.

What do I think about this?

Osteoporosis is a horrible disease, It takes over mostly the rest of your life because you have to watch what you do because even a little fall can break a bone. To me, it sounds scary. They say it's one of the most common diseases. Women should take this and go out and try to prevent this because I don't thnk anyone would want this. For myself, It would be hard for me because I'm an active person. But If I really had osteoporosis I would do whatever it take to do what I want to do and encourage others with it to do the same.
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