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By Darnell and Guerra 4/11/2016


Monday, April 11

ELA and Reading Six Weeks Exams

Tennis- Devine vs Bandera 4:00

Tuesday, April 12

Math Six Weeks Exams

5th grade Parent Night, 6pm- DMS Café

Wednesday, April 13

Social Studies Six Weeks Exams

Thursday, April 14

Science and Electives Six Weeks Exams

Friday, April 15

Make-up Exams

Jeans day!!

Grades Due Monday, April 18


Please be sure to have grades submitted by 10am Monday. Also, check your categories to be sure they are set up correctly. Department heads will need to verify grades for each of your classes; print a progress report for one student per class and have your department head sign off that it is correct. Department heads will give those to Mrs. Garza.


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Shout Out To Science Teachers!

Thank you Science department for helping out with lunch duty during your planning day. Your help was greatly appreciated!

Out of Office

I will be going to Region 20 for a Safety Summit on Tuesday and Wednesday. I would appreciate it if you could take care of the small problems. Remember that kids know you mean business when you make them stay in for your own detention during lunch, before school, or after school. Remember to call parents if you are keeping a student after school. Other than the tennis kids, all other students are free of practices, so making students stay after school should not be a problem. If one of the tennis kids is giving you problems, please let me or Coach O know. We will do what we can to assist you.

I was out last week for district tennis. When I returned, it sure seemed as if the kids decided to party (get themselves in trouble). Don't get me wrong, if you need to refer a student, please do. Please contact parents when you have students who don't want to work in your class, behave, or refuse to follow your directions. It is easier to follow through with consequences when I can tell parents that a teacher is continuing to have problems with his/her child and a teacher has indeed called.

As we all know, we still have a lot of time before the next round of testing. Students need to realize that there is much to do to get them ready. Some of the problems we had with students last week were in part because as one student put it, he was bored. He and others in the class claim they didn't have enough to do when they had a sub.Please make sure that you leave plenty for students to do. Many of you are doing a great job of helping the kids get ready for the upcoming tests, but I have walked the halls during PRIDE and have seen some wasted time. Remember, we are in this together; we still have two months of school left until summer break.

Things to Remember

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