January Team Talk

Haute Dots/Signature Haute Dots/Stelletto Squad

Hello Ladies!

It's February and time to have a little "team talk" to share what we've been up to in January!! It was a great month with the new Spring/Summer release, Director's Conference, Dot Dollars, New Stylist Special and more!!

Dot dollars proved to be such a success and so much fun for our customers! It took a typically quiet first part of January and turned it around for many of us. Once again, our fabulous marketing team had our backs.

Who chalked up some Glam Getaway points, too with the start in December!! Who took advantage of the New Stylist Sign Up promotion, who had the best time selecting their new Spring jewelry and stocked the UPS and mailman until their package arrived, who did Customer & Hostess Appreciation and Sample Sales, who's your January top ten and who is top in qualified recruits??????? Want to know?????? then watch out.... because there's the juiciest team talk in this newsletter!!

Thank you for getting out there and working your businesses this month and remember, you are full of sparkle and awesomeness whether you sold one or 50 necklaces!!

Happily Accessorized,

Jackie Rowland, Founding Leader


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Welcome 14 New Stylists!!

We welcome you and wish all of you the best in your business. Please let us know if we can assist you in any way as you learn you way around in the lounge, begin setting up your new business or just looking for ideas...we are all here for you!!

Amber Dewey

Sponsor: Jami Baker

Laura Arrington
Jennifer Rowland

Sponsor: Jackie Rowland

Lisa Zorrozua

Sponsor: Amy Doherty

Cassandra Joyner
Jesse Stacey
Ashley Gustat

Sponsor: Wendy Ayer

Marisa Levin

Sponsor: Joelly Belman

Anna Bosch

Sarah Snyder

Sponsor: Courtney Tucker

Nicole Eckert

Sponsor: Heidi Glennon

Kali Dobry

Sponsor: Melinda DeVine

Laura Hill

Leslie Borkenhagen

Sponsor: Michele Panczyszyn


As of 2/6/12, we have two in their jumpstart period that have earned rewards!!

Both from the Stelletto Squad Team:

Ashely Gustat Quick Start $300

Courtney Tucker Quick Start and Circle of Success $1,150.00

*Please note that this is the current information. If anyone else earned jumpstart rewards in January, please let me know and I'll post it in February's Newsletter.

***********Top Qualified New Stylists for January************

Wendy Ayer-1

Mary Beth Kurtenbach-1

Courtney Tucker-1

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Patricia Carlile, Wendy Ayer and Rene Kauder attended Director's Conference in San Francisco this past month!


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*************TOP TEN ALL TEAM SALES !!!!**********


Andrea Weinberger NV $3468.00

Laurie Paz OR $2833.45

Amy Doherty WA $2694.25

Courtney Tucker WA $2624.55

Patricia Carlile OR $2561.55

Mary Beth Kurtenbach WA $2435.50

Wendy Ayer WA $2398.57

Sheila Markowitz MD $1917.00

Felicia Rosenthal OR $1903.80

Promotions in January!!

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Amy Doherty, Jennifer Knoblich, Lisa Giles, Tori Smith, Nicole Kupchik, Megan Love, Melinda DeVine, April Paris, Amy Bosco, Heidi Glennon, Gina Joseph, Helen Defillippo, Abby Olsson, Sarah Powers, Brendy Guinand, Lisa Paxson, Darah Cooney, Nicole Barton, Brook Helberger, Monica Hepburn, Michele Panczyszyn and Tracy Bachke


Patricia Carlile and Annette Warnick

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Team Kudos and News from Rene Kauder

I'm so excited to congratulate the entire team on an amazing January! We had record breaking active and qualified stylists this month. So many of you earned business credits and are on your way to earning the quarterly consistency reward which ultimately means more profits in your pocket each month!

I'm also excited to have heard about how many of you are planning on attending Hoopla in July! Way to go Early Birds - I can't wait to celebrate you at our biggest, best event of the year.

Shout Outs to Michele Panczyszyn who welcomed 2 new stylists to her growing team and Joelly Belman who also welcomed 1 new stylist to her team and was top in sales for the month!

I'm so excited for what 2013 has in store for us!

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Team Kudos and News from Patricia Carlile

I'd like to thank all of you for a great month! One of the most rewarding things about this business are the relationships we all make with each other, our clients and our hostesses. As we move forward along this great journey with Stella and Dot, let's continue to grow not only our businesses but our sisterhood, too.

Congratulations to Melinda DeVine on sponsoring Kali Dobry. Congrats to Kali for having $1400 in sales at her first trunk show and signing a new stylist!! Look at your Central Oregon team grow!! You have a great mentor and leader in Melinda!!

Baby News

It gives me great pleasure to congratulate Dawn Pryde, Sr. Stylist from Poulsbo, WA, on the birth of her beautiful baby girl! We are all so happy for you Dawn and send our love to you and your family!!

Little Miss Serafina Hope Pryde was born on 1/22/2013 at 4;31 p.m., and weighed 10 lbs. 9 oz. This makes three little girls for Dawn and Jeff. Do we see three future Stella & Dot Stylists!!

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Cute Story from Meghan Matthews-Adair

So a funny story for the newsletter: the first time I wore my elephant scarf I was going to a preview night at Boo at the Zoo. We were stopped by a lady who told me that she loved my scarf and asked me where I got it. I told her I was a stylist and I sold them. I asked her if she'd like to order one and she said no, there was no time, she'd just take it off my neck!! I asked her whether she liked elephants and she said no, it's republican!! She used it as a platform to talk to people about Mittens. Too funny! And I ordered a replacement scarf the next day

Think Paris............think Vegas.........think Sun....AND YOU'VE GOT ONE BIG HOOPLA!!!

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Register by 3/31 and get $300 in jewelry swag at Hoopla...$200 value in swag bag and a $100 credit to shop with!! So who's registered so far!!!!!

Michele Panczyszyn, Megan Love, and Pamela Wimmer so far.....I'm sure there are more than that....If you begin to set aside money now, you can pay for one thing at a time...get registered, reserve your room and then look for your airfare. It's plenty early to watch for great flights. It's such a great time with your team and what you will learn and take away from this experience is priceless!! The first Hoopla that I attended with Patricia Carlile had 250 in attendance....oh how we have grown!! We will do some sort of all team gathering the first night we are there, too so everyone can meet each other before the next two days begin. I highly encourage you to attend!!

In closing, I hope you've enjoyed the team talk! Have a fabulous February!!

Please let me know if there's ever anything I can help any of you with. I thoroughly enjoy working with all of you!