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Thirteen Group

Dawn Smithson, Neighbourhood Services Team Leader on 01642 773600 EXT 2923

Location: Across the boundaries of Stockton, Middlesbrough and Hartlepool

Neighbourhood Services Admin Assistant

A specific skill for this job role would include the ability to create and manage spreadsheets so that all data may be stored and used by other staff, data will be received and distributed to the operational teams in accordance of priority and efficiencies. This skill is important to the company so that you may provide an efficient, effective and comprehensive support service to the Neighbourhood Services Team.

A general skill for this job role is the ability to write down and take note of any compliments and complaints made so that they can be viewed and resolved. This is important to the company as it is essential that complaints are resolved and so that the company can know what they are doing right and wrong. The general skill of good writing ability ties in with this skill as complaints and compliments are best written in a correct format.

A soft skill for that this company would like from a contender is to be reliable, energetic and adaptable. This is wanted by the company so that the worker can work progressively in the high performing. commercially minded environment. The company wants this skill so that the worker is passionate and able to make every relationship matter and show that they care about the neighbourhoods.


Location: Coulby Newham, Middlesbrough.

Customer Service

A specific skill needed for this job role is the ability to process bets for the store. This is one of the most important skills necessary to work in Coral as it is the main responsibility on a day to day basis. This skill is also important so that the store can maintain the best possible standard and efficiency that they can.

A general skill that Coral are looking for is being able to open and close the store as Duty Manager at the beginnings and the endings of the day. If this responsibility is bestowed upon you it is important that you would arrive at the correct opening time and close at the correct time. It is important to Coral as it helps make the most of the day if the store is opened and closed at the correct times.

A soft skill that Coral would want is for the candidate to be friendly and engaging. This is important so that customers feel welcomed into the store and receive the best possible service. Coral would most likely want to have the most friendly and engaging staff of all betting shops so that they can receive the most business. Customers are drawn to friendly staff and will ensure that they come back on a regular basis.

Salvins Barbers

Middlesbrough TS1

Barber/Apprentice Barber

A specific skill that will be incredibly important for this job role is the ability to cut, shave and style hair. This would be one of the main responsibilities on a day to day basis and is important so that you can efficiently give the customers the correct style that they want so that they will come back in the future.

A general skill that Salvins are looking for is efficient stock management, this is important so that the barbers is fully stocked with products and so that the barbers is tidy, this will leave a good impression on customers as they will know the barbers has all of the products necessary.

A soft skill that Salvins would want is for the candidate to be outgoing and proactive, as a barber this would be important so you can get to know your regular customers and the styles they like, barbers almost always have a conversation with customers during the haircutting process and thus makes the customer feel important thus making him/her return again later.

Virgin Media

Location - 604 Stockton-on-Tees - De Havilland Avenue

Customer Relations/Relations Advisor

A specific skill that is important to Virgin Media and the job role is persuading customers that want to leave the company to change their mind, this requires good communication skills and listening so that you can make the customer feel heard and try to help to the best of your ability. This skill is one of the most important of the job role as it is fully based around your main responsibility.

A general skill that would be important to this job role is to have basic computer skills as the company relies on computers to run and it is very important to be able to work a computer at a basic level. A big part of the job will be writing and sending emails to customers that have complained or complimented the service Virgin Media brings.

A soft skill that would be wanted by Virgin Media is the ability for the candidate to be flexible, friendly and ready for a challenge. These are important to have for this job role as it ensures that you will be able to work when available and that you are friendly to customers on the phone or email.

ISS Front of House


Receptionist and Administrator

A specific skill that is important to ISS Front of House and the job role is an intermediate or advanced technical ability, ISS would like the candidate to be able to use Microsoft Office at a high level. This is important so that help desk calls can be logged in so that staff can come back to view them at any time.

A general skill that would be important to this job role is to have excellent customer service skills so that you may listen and help any customers that call in with complaints or even compliments. Customer service is essential for the Receptionist and Administrator role as you will be in contact with customers a lot of the time and it is important that the customer is satisfied with your service.

A soft skill that would be wanted by ISS Front of House is the ability to be motivated, committed and flexible, and they would really like somebody that can work on their own initiative. These are important so that responsibilities are carried out efficiently and thoroughly. Working on your own initiative is important so that you may carry out tasks without help and learn quicker how to handle any problems.