The Great African Achivers

Rayan Singh

Col. Guion S. Bluford Jr

He was the first African American to go in to space!!!!! He was one of 35 people chosen from 10,000 applicants in NASA's first competition to become space shuttle astronauts. He now has a space in the U.S. Astronauts Hall of Fame. He has also flew 144 combat missions during the Vietnam war. In 1978 Bluford has earned a doctorate in aerospace engineering from the Air force institute of technology in Ohio.

Lewis Latimer

Have you heard that Edison made and improved the light bulb? Well think that all over. Lewis Latimer was the one who improved the light bulb to have light like we do today. Latimer invented a bathroom for railroads cars, the threaded socket to allow the light bulb to be screwed in and many, many more. Latimer improved the light bulb to last way longer that Edison would have made it. He was part of Edison's Pioneers. He also served in the Union Army during the American Civil war. In fact Latimer has made so many of our modern day amenities. He and Alexander Gram Bell have invented and improved the telephone. Like I mentioned earlier he has made so many great inventions that if I had to list them all this would be a vey long article.