Leo r. turtle

the 1st recon

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before recon

Leo r. turtle was born on March 25, 1700. his mom was a fameos song witter, working with Jason i. wetton, was Wellthy and had a very well childhood. at age 10, when he was in middle school cause in 4th grade was descoverd that he was achuly a 5th grader read books about politics and at age 34, when he was senuior citizen, decided to run for president.

during recon

in 1735, Leo was voted recon over Ralph s. turtle, his older brother, was voted for vice recon. when chase v. hiles conplained about the trade center,and he acted quickly. in 1737, he made it illgal to trade people or any thing valuble. in 1745, he was acused of being a religin of tiry when he was really kiry.

after recon

to be determend on Feb 9th...