By Jacob


Orangutans have been endangered for a while now, and now that there are only 40,000 Left in the world, we have put down laws and rules to stop logging in Malaysia and Indonesia.


Orangutans only live in 2 countries; Malaysia and Indonesia. Both Borneo and Sumatran Orangutans inhabit the island of Borneo and are the largest arboreal mammal in the world. When on ground, they hang near streams and muddy areas. When high up in the trees, they like to be at least 30 metres high, where it's easy to swing from branch to branch. They only live. On fertile trees because, like every other animals, they need food


Orangutans don't have a very big diet which only consists of bark, leaves, figs, and fruit. In fact, 90% of an Orangutans diet is made up of fruit. Orangutans favourite fruit is a durian because of its sweet taste and it is a challenge to open as they are covered in spikes. Orangutans don't drinks as much water as humans do because they get their water from their 90% fruit intake. Although they will drink from nearby rivers and streams if they feel the need to. Orangutans can sometimes spend up to months on just bark and leaves and can take up to 6 hours a day foraging for food. After searching for food, the mother always feeds the baby before anyone else.


Orangutans are a very endangered species as there are only 40,000 left. Over 20 years, 40% of the population has decreased which is almost "half" the population! The reason that Orangutans are at risk of extinction, is because of logging. Logging is simply cutting down trees and planting palm trees to make palm oil or timber. Another reason, is the danger of fire. The Sumatran Oragnutan is more endangered then the Borneo Orangutan make the Sumatran Orangutan 11th on the most endangered species list. The Bornea Orangutan about 20th on the list. The species are going fast, as every 2 day, 11 Orangutans die.


Unlike humans, Orangutans only have 4 senses; Vision, hearing, smell and touch. Orangutans are NOT colour blind.