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What exactly are pronouns?

You guessed it! They're a type of noun! (Don't forget, nouns are people, places and things!) Pronouns are used in place of a noun's actual name. For example, when I talk about myself, I don't call myself Ms. Woo! I call myself "I". "I" is a pronoun that can be used to replace my name. Pronouns can be used to replace ANY noun! Take a look at the following video and see for yourself!
Pronoun SchoolHouse Rock
Test your knowledge!

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Enrichment Activities

How did you do on the quiz? If you need more practice or even if you were a champ, try this pronoun game to further sharpen your skills!

Finding the game tricky?

Check out this article for tips on subject and object pronouns and when to use them!

Pronouns Song!

Watch the video to help you remember the differences between subject and object pronoun forms.
Object Pronouns Song - "I Am Me, You Are You" - Rockin' English

Now go back and try to improve your score in the treasure hunt game! Good luck and great job!

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