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March 3, 2017 - Volume 2 - ISSUE 23

Welcome to the Seekonk High School Newsletter! It is designed to keep everyone (parents, students, staff, and community members) informed of the many events that are happening around the school. It contains links, pictures, and videos so that you have a more interactive experience and the ability to learn more (if you wish) about various topics.

As always, we welcome feedback! Let us know what you think by contacting us and sharing our news!

SHS Core Values

Seekonk High School is committed to creating a safe, supportive environment where our students can develop the skills necessary to become independent thinkers and problem solvers capable of addressing the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century. The staff, students, family, and community members will collaborate to create an atmosphere of compassion, appreciation of diversity, and mutual respect. We will provide stimulating academic and extracurricular programs that are relevant and engaging so we can meet the needs of all learners.

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Saturday, March 4 at BCC Attleboro 9:00 AM- Noon: Financial Aid Application assistance, FAFSA Saturday. This is an opportunity to complete the FAFSA with assistance from a BCC Financial Aid Counselor. Remember that BCC”s financial aid deadline is April 1 and the FAFSA takes time to process. If you cannot attend, be sure to call our Enrollment Center(508-226-2484) to schedule an appointment soon! While this event is targeted toward new BCC students, it is open to anyone that may need help with the application.

Monday, March 6, 2017: Portuguese Club meeting in Sra. Almeida's room at 2:00PM.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017: 21st Annual Seekonk Taste of the Town. 6:00PM - 9:00PM at the in the grand Rose Ballroom at the Clarion Inn; 940 Fall River Avenue, Seekonk, MA.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017: The 3rd deposit of $50 for Senior Trip is due! Cash or Checks (payable to the Town of Seekonk) are due to Mrs. Almeida or Ms. Wilson on, or before Wednesday February 8th. Do not be late with your payment. It may not be accepted.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017: Join the Class of 2017 at Chardonnay's. A percentage of your dinner will be returned to the Class of 2017 and help fund Senior Class Day! Just mention Seekonk High School to your waiter/waitress while you dine.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017: College Planning Night at 6:30 in the high school library.

Thursday, March 16, 2017: SHS Jazz Dinner to be held at 6:30PM in the SHS Cafeteria. Tickets are available until March 14th and are $15. (make any checks payable to SMPA). Tickets can be purchased from any Jazz Band member or by contacting John Smialek at the SHS Band Office.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017: The Greater Fall River Interagency Transition Team will be holding another meeting. They strive to provide transition related information to students and parents that’s accurate, legally clear, and positive. They also share professional development, resources, and information between local public schools and state agencies to improve the transition process for students and their families as they leave public school and enter into adult service centers. This team works to develop collaborative relationships through regular meetings that support all agencies and schools to provide supports to the student and family as they navigate through the transition process. Check out their flyer for more detailed information!

Notary Services are available for residency documents at every school in the district. If you are submitting residency paperwork, just bring it to the school and we will notarize it for you when it is submitted!

For Future Planning:

Prom - Friday, April 28, 2017; Biltmore, Providence @ 6:30

Honor Societies Induction Ceremony - Wednesday, May 3, 2017 @ 6:30

Senior Trip - Saturday, May 13, 2007 - Monday, May 15, 2007

Senior Class Day - Friday, May 26, 2017

Senior Class Night - Wednesday, May 31, 2017 @ 7:00PM

Graduation - Friday, June 2, 2017 @6:30PM

Prom is approaching!

Raffle tickets for a prom ticket, tuxedo, flowers, nails, hair, & make-up will be sold at most lunches from Tuesday, February 28 through Tuesday, March 7. Tickets will be $1 each, $5 for 6, or $10 for 12 DON'T MISS OUT!

Prom tickets will be sold at most lunches from Wednesday, March 8 through Friday, March 17. Tickets are $75.

21st Annual Seekonk Taste of the Town!

On Tuesday, March 7, 2017 the Kiwanis Club of Greater Seekonk is sponsoring the 21st Annual Taste of the Towns. This fantastic food tasting event that features the areas finest restaurants, raffles, a 50/50, and auction! It will be held from 6:00PM - 9:00PM in the Grand Rose Ballroom at the Clarion Inn (940 Fall River Avenue, Seekonk, MA) and tickets are only $30 each! To find out more and purchase tickets contact either Beverly Hart (phone: (508) 336-9352) or Beverly Della Grotta (phone: (401) 749-4841). Be sure to get your tickets as soon as possible for this great event!

Seekonk High School Presents!

The Seekonk High School Drama Club will be performing Guys and Dolls this year! Shows will be on March 24th and 25th at 7:30PM. There will also be a Sunday matinee on March 26th at 2PM. Check out the flyer for more details!
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Jacob Ciolfi becomes National Merit Finalist!

This is a great step toward becoming a National Merit Scholarship Recipient and is a great feat to get this far! Jacob's name has been placed into a pool of approximately 15,000 others for a chance of being selected. We should know later this year so be sure to both congratulate and wish Jacob luck when you see him!
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Dr. Jones

Weekly Message...

This week's message is a little longer, but includes various clips of things. I talk about some of the great things going on at Seekonk High School. Whether it is clubs, sports, or academics; we have so many students and teachers doing fantastic things! This happened to be one of those weeks where I got to see most of the events occurring.

I am consistently impressed by the support among staff and students. It isn't always about being perfect. Instead it is about being better every day. The only way we learn and accomplish that is by experiencing failure. We will all stumble at one point. What we do both during and after is the part that makes us successful. Check us out...we have a lot of people consistently getting up and getting better every day here at Seekonk High School.

3/3/2017 Weekly Newsletter Message

AP in Action!

While it is long, this is a must watch video for anybody who is considering taking an Advanced Placement Class. It covers the differences, expectations, struggles, successes, intangible benefits, and advice a student needs to hear. The best part about it is that it is all in the words of students and teachers.

Take the time to watch this. Remember that the decision to challenge yourself comes from within. Students who take AP have to commit by deciding that they can be more and do more. After all, no one ever knows how much they can do or how far they can go...until they do it. Enjoy!

AP in Action 2017
Remember to get updates via social media by liking our Facebook page and following us on Twitter (@SeekonkHS)! You can also follow my Twitter (@DrCSJones) or blog (I do not write nearly as often as I should) for updates and posts about character and educational (mostly) issues/topics/resources.
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Guidance - Mrs. Whatley

Progress report grades for the 3rd quarter are available in the Parent Plus portal today. Students will bring home a hard copy of the grades next Monday. All students have an active Plusportal account. If you have not yet activated your parent account ask your student to login and view the progress report grades on their account. You can view the 3rd quarter progress report from the e-locker tab at the top right of the screen. Please feel free to contact your student's teachers if you have any questions or concerns.

Saturday, March 4 at BCC Attleboro 9:00 AM- Noon: Financial Aid Application assistance, FAFSA Saturday. This is an opportunity to complete the FAFSA with assistance from a BCC Financial Aid Counselor. Remember that BCC”s financial aid deadline is April 1 and the FAFSA takes time to process. If you cannot attend, be sure to call our Enrollment Center(508-226-2484) to schedule an appointment soon! While this event is targeted toward new BCC students, it is open to anyone that may need help with the application.

Juniors will be participating in Credit for Life next Thursday, March 9th. This event will take place during the day and will have students participating in a real life simulation where they are a 25 year old professional working to create a monthly budget. They will meet with realtors, bankers, insurance agents, car salesmen etc. and simulate renting an apartment, buying a car, creating a savings account and spending budget. Later in the day there will be an opportunity to meet with a young professional and discuss what was learned through the experience.

At the Community Service booth, students can either get money deducted from your budget for charitable contributions or can really do something good for our community and bring in a non-perishable food item that we will be donating to Doorways Food Pantry. There is a particular need for pasta, veggies, and stews/soups. Please encourage your juniors to bring in at least one item with them to the fair on Thursday, March 9.

College Planning Night for juniors and their parents will be on March 15th at 6:30 PM in the high school library. We hope that you will be able to attend and hear all about the college search and application process.

Scholarships are coming into the guidance office! We will continue to receive scholarship applications and update the information weekly. Check out this breakdown of the information for scholarships we have to date.

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Assistant Principal - Mr. Aguiar

As we head into the second semester I wanted to offer a refresher related to regulations listed in our SHS Handbook. We ask for your continued cooperation in following these guidelines as they pertain to the safe, positive and academically focused atmosphere we are promoting at SHS.

  • Food / Drink - Students are not to carry/consume any food or beverage (with the exception of water) in the hallways or classrooms during the school day.

  • Electronic Device - Cell phones or other electronic devices should not be visible at any time in classrooms unless otherwise allowed by a staff member for educational purposes only. Students are not to voice record, photograph or video in school.

  • Dress Code - Examples of unacceptable attire include, but are not limited to: Blouses, shirts, sweaters, halter-tops, tube-tops, tank tops, T-back shirts, muscle shirts, pants, and midriff shirts that do not cover the stomach, back, chest or undergarments. Low riding pants or jeans that display underwear. Revealing shorts, “pencil skirts,” or skirts - Legs should not be exposed above fingertip length when a student stands with arms fully extended downward. Clothing depicting alcoholic substances and/or illegal substances. Pajamas, slippers, etc.

  • Obligations - Obligations for the purpose of this handbook include, but are not limited to textbooks, library books, detention hours, and materials fees. Students who do not fulfill their obligations to Seekonk High School by the designated times will receive consequences. Specifically, students who have outstanding obligations will be restricted from the following: participation in or attendance at any extracurricular activity, all sports, all dances (including prom), participation in graduation ceremony. The administration holds the right to assign additional, appropriate consequences based upon the circumstance if necessary. Obligations as well as their consequences carry over from year to year.

  • Prohibited Items - Possession or use of illegal substances, weapons, mace/pepper spray and tobacco are strictly prohibited within the school buildings, the school facilities or on the school grounds or on school buses by any individual, included school personnel.

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Warrior Cries!

Warrior cries are shout outs to staff and students here at Seekonk High School. They are our way of recognizing hard work, creative thinking, and characteristics that make us proud to be part of this community. Please contact Dr. Jones if you wish to give a "warrior cry" to someone!

Deanna Marinucci, Pete Hoogerzeil, Linda Horton, Keri Kozlowski, Caitlyn Pereira and Ed Cunard..."for doing such an outstanding job administrating the home games this season." -Mr. Crippen

Ms. Kristin Nelson..."for her tireless work to help all students enjoy a happy, successful experience at Seekonk High School. Take a look at her current work with Spread the Word to End the Word campaign below!" -Dr. Jones

Spread the word to end the word

This Wednesday ( March 1st) –There was a National Campaign to Erase the R-Word. Seekonk High School’s Social Justice class continued working to Spread the Word to End the Wordhere in Seekonk. The class asked members of the Seekonk community to "Take the Pledge.” Here are some ways to “take the pledge;”

• Faculty and Students at the high school signed the banner on Wednesday.

• Faculty/Staff throughout the district could visit : and “Take the Pledge” online. An “I Pledged “ sticker will be in your mailbox.

• People wore their stickers all day on Wednesday hoping it would initiate conversations about the use of the R-word. The Social Justice students are using the slogan this year, “It starts with YOU!” regarding changing perspectives in our society.

• Post a picture, message, etc. on your favorite social media site to help us “Spread the Word”!- #RespectSHS

Spread the Word to End the Word PSA
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model united nations - mrs. larson

School Resource Officer Keith Perry and 9th grade Seekonk High student Erin Keough met recently at the library to discuss the opioid crisis in Massachusetts. Erin will travel to Boston College High School on Saturday, March 4 to take part in a Model United Nation simulation. She will represent Massachusetts State Senator James Timilty in a simulation of the Massachusetts State Legislature as students discuss the growing opioid problem in our state.

Erin met with Officer Perry to learn more about the opiod crisis from a police perspective, and to brainstorm ideas on how the state might address both the legal and the health issues. Thanks to Officer Perry for his help and assistance!

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Math - Mrs. Costello

Great News!

Math League has made it into the Regional Play-offs! Aiden Morrison, Sophie Zirkel, Noah Brennick, Jason Ho, Kyle Sanborn, Richard Curzake, Nathan Costa, Gabby Blum, Ben Brady, Jon Doorley, and Olivia Pagano pulled through on the last meet with a score of 46. This score bumped Apponnequet High School out of the running for the play-offs. The top eight schools of Southeastern Massachusetts Region will compete March 15th at Fairhaven High School, where Seekonk's Math League will compete to make it into the State Competition.

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Music - Mr. Smialek

Tickets for the 2017 Jazz Dinner, to be held in the SHS Cafeteria on Thursday, March 16th at 6:30 pm, are now on sale. Tickets are available until March 14th and are $15. (make any checks payable to SMPA). Tickets can be purchased from any Jazz Band member or by contacting John Smialek at the SHS Band Office. In addition to two sets being performed by the SHS Jazz Band, there will be a BBQ buffet by Boneyard Barbecue of N. Seekonk featuring: pulled pork, buffalo, barbecue and honey mustard chicken, mac & cheese, salad, coleslaw, corn bread, soft drinks, coffee and dessert.

The SHS Jazz Band performed at the Somerset Jazz Festival on Wednesday, March 1st along with 6 other high school jazz bands from S.E. MA and Rhode Island. Their performance at the Festival was adjudicated by Rhode Island Music Hall of Fame jazz bassist, Marty Ballou. The band received ratings of above average and outstanding in all categories.

Freshmen bassoonist and Symphonic Band member, Madison Khan will perform with the S.E. Massachusetts Jr. All-District Symphony Orchestra this Friday and Saturday at Nauset Regional Middle School in Orleans, MA. She was selected after auditioning for this honor in December with 7th, 8th and 9th grade students from the 70 schools in our District. She will play principal bassoon with the orchestra, which is awarded to the highest scoring player in the District on their instrument.

The SHS Marching Band will be performing on Saturday, March 4th in the Pawtucket St. Patrick's Day Parade. Report time for all band members is at 10:30 in the SHS Band Room. The parade starts at noon. The route goes from McCoy Stadium on Division St. to the Pawtucket City Hall. Immediately following that performance, many members of the SHS Drumline, under the direction of Rob Matin, will be competing in the 17th Annual Rhode Island Percussion Ensemble Festival, co-sponsored by the URI Department of Music and the Rhode Island Percussive Arts Society. Best of luck to our percussionists!

The Marching Band will also be giving a performance at the Hurley Middle School on Monday, March 6th at 9:15 am. This is the rescheduled performance from the previous cancellation due to the 2-hour delay on Feb.13th. They will be playing for the Middle School Band students and will distribute information about the Bands at Seekonk High School to all 8th grade band students.

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Nurse - Mrs. Rok

The Polished Program is offering free dental cleanings to all students during school on March 14th. If you are interested in having your child receive this service, please pick up a form in Mrs. Rok’s office, the Main Office or the Guidance Office. All signed forms are due by March 13th to Mrs. Rok.

Dr. Heidi Peterson, School Physician, will conduct sports physicals on March 23rd at 2 PM in Mrs. Rok’s office. If your child is participating in a spring sport and has a physical expiring during the season or invalid for try-outs, please pick up a form in Mrs. Rok’s office.

The annual eyeglass, sunglass and hearing aid collection for the Lion’s Club is under way. Any donation of 2 pair of eyeglasses/sunglasses will give 1 community service hour. Hearing aids will give 3 community service hours. All donations may be returned to Mrs. Rok.

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Sports - Mr. Crippen

Congratulations to Senior Swim Captain Maddy Paine who took second place in the 200 freestyle at the State Meet last week in Boston and then turned around and took third in the 100 freestyle breaking the Seekonk High School record in that event set by Sara McGovern in 1981.

Congratulations to Sophomore Cammy Garabian who took fourth place in the shot put in the MIAA State Indoor Track Meet in Boston Sunday. She will now move on and represent Seekonk High School in the New England Regional Meet this weekend.

The Seekonk Boys Basketball team closed out its successful 2016-2017 Tournament qualifying season with a 48-40 loss to Dedham High School at home this Tuesday in the preliminary round of the MIAA South Sectional Tournament. The team qualified for the post season for the first time in seven years. Congratulations to Coach Alex Daluz and his staff.

The Mandatory MIAA Spring Pre Season Meeting for all prospective student-athletes and their parents will be this Monday, March 6th at 6:30 in the Seekonk High School Auditorium. Following the short general presentation, student-athletes and their parents will have the opportunity to meet with the individual head coaches to go over expectations for the upcoming season.

All spring athletes are reminded that they must register online and have a current physical on file in order to be eligible to tryout on the first day of practice Monday, March 20th. The registration closes Friday, March 17th and no late registrations will be accepted.

Many thanks to Nurse Pat Rok for arranging the opportunity for all of our student-athletes to obtain a free physical this Spring. The date of the free physicals will be Thursday, March 23 at 2 PM in the Nurse’s Office. All necessary paperwork can be picked up at the Nurse’s Office and should be filled out and signed prior to the date of the physical.

Be sure to check out the Athletic Website for more information about requirements, deadlines, scores, and schedules.

The Seekonk Public Schools strives to provide a safe, respectful, and supportive learning environment in which all students can thrive and succeed in its schools. The Seekonk Public Schools prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, sex, gender identity, religion, national origin, or sexual orientation and ensures that all students have equal rights of access and equal enjoyment of the opportunities, advantages, privileges, and courses of study.

Contact Information

We strive to keep communication open and ongoing. You may contact us through any of the following ways. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or comments.