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Travis High School Faculty Newsletter - September 16, 2019


Monday, September 16

1st 6 Weeks Membership Reconciliation is TODAY during 3rd period. Pick up PINK folder from mailbox before school - instructions are linked below and placed inside the folder. Please read and follow directions carefully!

Be sure you are working on SLO development, T-TESS goal development, and Annual Staff Training online!

Please read and follow directions carefully!

Accommodation Verification was due to your T-TESS admin last Friday - please submit ASAP if you have not already done so!

PLC work this week: Please review PR 1 failures if you have not already done so - What students are failing and why? What interventions have been attempted? What's working? What's not?

Tuesday, September 17

Volleyball: vs Dulles (Home) 4:30/5:30/6:30

Tennis vs Ridgepoint (Home) 3:00 pm

Deadline to sign up for a FREE lunch at the Lunch & Learn on 9/19

Wednesday, September 18

College Wear Wednesday

$20 On-site massages: Sign up HERE.

Raising Cane's Fundraiser for THS Dance: 11:00 am-9:00 pm

CBLT Meeting: 3:00 pm in the library

Thursday, September 19

Theme Day Thursday:Cartoon Character Day--Toon in to THS vs AHS Volleyball

Blended Learning Lunch & Learn in P223

Volleyball tournament (Freshman/JV)

Tennis: @ Ridgepoint (V): 3:00

Friday, September 20

Fridays we wear RED!!!!

End of Progress Report #2 - UIL Eligibility Period - please check grades closely-No Pass/No Play!!!

DEADLINE: T-TESS Goal and SLO submission window closes!

Volleyball: @ Austin (4:30/5:30/6:30)

Congratulations Ms. Booker for being named Belles Teacher of the Week!

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Come join Mrs. Franco and Mr. Nichelson for lunch in P223. They will be focusing on the fundamentals of Blended Learning and the best use of technology based on your lessons. Be sure to use the link to sign up for a FREE lunch!


Thank you for volunteering your lunch time to help out Ms. Behrens at the Tiger.


It is imperative that you place a sign on your door when your classroom is relocated. We have had several instances in the last week where office aides/staff were unable to locate students with passes because class was not in the classroom. Thank you for helping us out with this!

Attention FIRST PERIOD Teachers!!

The board pictured below was placed in your box on Friday if you have a first period class. When you have EVERY student IN CLASS & ON TIME – please use a dry erase marker, initial and date inside a box. When your board is full with 12 days of everyone present and on time, please contact Mrs. Kilgore in A116 so we may verify and get your class their treat!! This challenge begins on Monday, September 9th!

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New items to complete:

GT Training Professional Development Opportunities

The linked document provides dates and E-Learning codes for fall GT professional opportunities. 30-hour courses are included as well as opportunities for update hours

Student Teacher Conference Forms

These forms will be required for students failing T1, however the grade blanks actually start with PR 2 so you may find them useful to start with students already struggling as a means to document your intervention prior to a 9 weeks failure.

Be Sure You Have Updated Your THS Teacher Website!

We are in the process of verifying teacher web pages on our Travis High School site. Remember this is an important tool for providing information to our community.

All websites should include:

· A short Bio

· Your teaching schedule

· Your tutorial times

- Link to your Schoology page(s)

- Your contact information (email address and phone number)

If you have questions about website updates, please contact Dena Garcia!

Laptop Cart Maintenance - a Message from Josh Martin!

These are general rules to properly maintain laptops, and preserve batteries for the laptops in the carts.

  • 1. Please turn off the carts before you leave for the day, every day if possible. Also please turn off the carts before holidays and summer break. A lot of carts were left on over the summer and the batteries over charged and started physically expanding causing damage to not only the battery but physically effecting keyboards and trackpads of the laptops making them unusable. Also an expanding battery is not safe. If you have these in your cart please stop charging them. Also some batteries do not have the expanding issue but are not holding a charge anymore. Because of overcharging, the battery doesn’t have proper cycle counts, thus doesn’t know what a full charge is. All of these will be dealt with on a case by case basis, I cannot promise you a fast turnaround or repair approval because these aren’t handled at my discretion, I can only report them, it takes a lot to manage all of these as it all has to be documented. Between my 2 campuses I have well over 2k student laptops alone to manage, so please make sure you are taking care of them. They are not cheap to replace.
  • 2. Please do not let your students plug in laptops to charge. The power ports are very fragile and when these go bad there’s no option but a full unit replacement. Again this is not at my discretion for turnaround time or repair approval. I can only report it after diagnosing the issue.
  • 3. If you have a dedicated cart in your room, please assign student laptops to the same students when possible. This will help with low disk space issue, which triggers profiles loading issues, long login times, and domain server issues.

Scream Team Gear For Sale

We are so excited that our Scream Team short sleeve and long sleeve (they are different) are about to be ordered! As always, we sell them to you at cost just so you have more options to your Travis Spirit gear J I am loving them!!! All of the students will be receiving the short sleeve J The first 20 who signed up will be gifted the long sleeve - they don’t know so please keep it a secret from the kids!

We do pick the soft material shirts and have found them super comfy.

The short sleeve is $12 and the long sleeve is $25.

If you are interested in purchasing one for this year, please send Mrs. Martinez your order and have payment no later than Friday, September 13th at noon. We need to put in our order on Friday afternoon so the sooner you get in your orders the better!


Long Sleeve or Short Sleeve:


Room #: (this is for delivery when they arrive)

Thanks for always supporting all of our Tigers and we hope you love these shirts as much as we do!

Reminders For Staffulty

  • 1. All teachers are to park in the faculty parking lot on the south side of the campus (by the bus ramp). The front staff lot is for office personnel and visitors only.
  • 2. The service/emergency drive that runs from the parent drop-off lane, around by the tennis courts and empties onto the bus ramp is for emergency vehicles only. Employees are NOT allowed to park on this drive during the school day. .
  • 3. Coaches/sponsors/directors – if you post flyers or posters in the halls of the school, PLEASE remove them within 24 hours after your event has occurred. You may enlist members of your organization to take them down for you. For example: if your group has a meeting advertised for Thursday the 29th after school, you and/or your kiddos should remove signage by the end of the day on Friday the 30th.
  • 4 PLEASE remember: students are NOT allowed to leave class during the first ten and the last ten minutes of each class period. FOR ADVISORY: since this period is 20 minutes long, there should be no students allowed out on restroom passes or hall passes.

The only exceptions to 10/10 are passes sent from an office and obvious medical emergencies.

HabitudesOnline Access Information for NEW Users!

You now have access to the HabitudesOnline platform.

To access your account, you will log in via www.habitudesonline.com using the following credentials:

  • Username: Your email
  • Password: Habitudes

Our platform is optimized for the Google Chrome web-browser and may not function optimally with all browsers. Google Chrome is a free browser that can be downloaded HERE.

Let us know if we can assist you with anything else. If you have specific tech support questions, simply use the chat feature in the bottom right-hand corner of your HabitudesOnline home screen or contact us via email at techsupport@growingleaders.com.

Teacher Recs for Sophomore Class Officers

Sophomore Class Officer Applications are out, and it is a requirement for them to get 5 teacher recommendation forms. Applicants will hand you a slip of paper with their name requesting you fill out a form for them. We ask that all forms be submitted by Friday, September 13th. Your input is important and will be a part of their overall score-- So please answer honestly!

Here is the link: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=QWJ9SRo5d0KRrL3SqZ9wVBfPmiJqlHBIoDlEkbKhoX9UQzQwVkFFRVNXWkgxS0RUWk5BQjNYRVdBWC4u

If you have any questions, please feel free to email Stephanie Russell at stephanie.russell@fortbendisd.com or Kyle Flynt at kyle.flynt@fortbendisd.com.

Cardboard boxes needed!!!

The Theatre Dept. is in need of cardboard. If you have any empty cardboard boxes that you don’t plan to use, please contact Mrs. Swafford.

New Morning Procedure for Commons/Auditorium

We have made an adjustment to our procedures in the morning in order to thin out the crowd of students in the cafeteria so we can monitor/control the areas better. We are funneling students into the auditorium. The auditorium seats just under 700, but if we push in about 400 kids then the cafeteria will be much less crowded and easier to manage. So as students arrive, if they are not eating or sitting then they need to go find a seat in the auditorium. No eating or drinking in there! We will not have a crowd of student standing around the cafeteria. Either sit at a table or sit in the auditorium. We are also releasing from the Tiger slightly before the 7:24 bell (approximately 7:22) to allow extra time due to the large increase in student numbers. Please let an administrator know if you have questions.

Frontline (Formerly AESOPS)-DEADLINE 8.29.2019 TO COMPLETE

You received an email on 8.29.2019 from notifications@mail1.frontlineed.com with instructions as to how to sign up for the new absence reporting system. Please ensure you complete this ASAP.

Clinic Corner: On-Site Flu Shot

On-Site Flu Shot Clinics

For Employees and Dependents (Age 4+)

Starts September 16

  • FREE to employees, spouses and dependents (4 years and older) covered by FBISD medical plans
  • $26 for employees without FBISD medical insurance
  • Bring a COPY (front and back) of FBISD insurance card and write your date of birth on it

Please see attached flyer for more information and schedule for your school or location. Schools not listed have scheduled clinics with other vendors. Please see your nurse for information on when your flu clinic will be held.

Need more info? Details on the flu vaccine and in-network providers can be found HERE

Click Here for Schedule

Click Here for Influenza Vaccine Flyer

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Special Populations Binders

As a reminder, all teachers should now have received or downloaded accommodation logs and accommodations for all 504 and Special Education students. In addition, you should create a log for each ESL student in your classes. A complete list was placed in your box to assist you in identifying all of these students. We will send an additional verification list at the end of the first three weeks to ensure you have all required documents after the majority of schedule changes are completed.

Benefit Coordinator Site Visit: 10.15.2019 8:00-4:30 in the Library

Open Enrollment October 21-November 5
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The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center--Mammograms

Call 713-745-4000, or fax completed Patient Questionnaire to 713-745-4055.

For more information on MD Anderson’s mobile mammography, please click HERE

***Appointment times start at 8:30 A.M. & the end at 2:15 P.M.***

Please read the Patient Letter for important information on mammography patients

Please note a MINIMAL of 15 women must be signed up at least 10 business days before the screening date. If the minimum requirement is not met by the deadline, the mobile visit will be subject to cancellation. Walk-ins are not accepted.

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Teacher toolkit

Tweet by Jonathan Alsheimer on Twitter:

"Teach like it's your kid in the front row...what are you willing to do for that child?"

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2019-2020 Fort Bend Letter Jacket Program

Please refer to the email from Ms. Kilgore to address any questions students may have about purchasing letter jackets.

Teacher Resources

Request for Educational Support

Ms. Franco, our Professional Learning Lead, now has a form to fill out for any Educational support requests.

Student password assistance

Refer to the email from Ms. Spina for specific instructions on 8.14.2019 if you are having trouble navigating through the site.

Having an issue with Technology?

Our campus IT is Joshua Martin and his office is in the library! Please remember to put in a Support Portal ticker (Formerly CRM ticket) instead of emailing him when you have a request. Thank you!

Coffee Club!

Dues are $20 (cash only) for the year. This helps us replenish the supplies. The two coffee pots in the copy room are the ones used for coffee club. You can pay cash to Sabrina Behrens in I101/H107 and receive a receipt. We’ll start coffee club Monday Aug. 19.
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Check out Advisory Courses in Schoology!

9th grade Access Code: 25JG-6TGZ-63PVB

10th grade Access Code: VH3S-K9X8-5BGJV

11th grade Access Code: JJRJ-J73S-VV69B

12th grade Access Code: 2NQ2-Q2R3-DQTR9

Weekly Advisory Lesson Plans are located in the 1st 9 weeks folder of your appropriate Schoology Course under the appropriate dated week. You MUST log in and JOIN the correct Schoology course to access the videos and materials for this week's lessons.

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Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS)

Positive Office Referrals

Want a way to award Tiger Pride Points or recognize a student? Submit a positive office referral!

Grading Policy and Reporting Reminders! - PLEASE REVIEW!

  • Do NOT put a 0 in on any assignment that was not completed due to student absence - for any reason - until the student has had sufficient time and opportunity to complete the assignment and failed to do so.
  • Assignments in grade book must have specific name - i.e. Ch 12 vocab assignment vs Homework 2
  • Grades must be entered within 5 days of assignment due date.
  • Late Work is accepted - 1 day late is up to 15 points off; 2 days late is up to 30 points off
  • Parent contact is required any time a student is unsuccessful and any time a student is in danger of failing a course - please document all contact

Link for Student Schoology Access

How to Reset Your Network Password

Do you have news to share? Email THS Announcements! (THS.Announcements@fortbendisd.com)

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September 24

Letter jacket fitting--Academic Excellence ONLY on this date.

September 25

Letter jacket fitting--Academic Excellence ONLY on this date.

September 27

Fort Bend County Fair Holiday-No School

Deadline for Names of Beau and Sweetheart HERE

October 5


October 9

Homecoming Community Pep Rally - 6:00 PM

October 11

Student Holiday/Professional Development Day

October 12

Homecoming Dance 8:00pm

October 14

Holiday - No School

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UH Teacher Appreciation Day 10.12.2019

Houston Teachers family, friends, and guest can enjoy the game at a preferred rate of $15!