5th Grade ISL Qatar Update

Week of January 12th -16th

It's been another busy week in Grade 5 with writing. maths and science investigations taking place.

Today we had a fire drill. It was wonderful to see how quietly and sensibly the Grade 5 students evacuated the building. They set a very good example to the younger children.

Unit of Inquiry

This week we have been exploring some of the properties of building materials. We watched 'Grand Designs' and talked about some of the things that need to be considered when designing and building, and how problems can be solved during the construction process. Students had the opportunity to investigate the strength of shapes when finding out whether a cylindrical or square based column would be stronger. Some students also investigated how to make a strong bridge using only paper. In 5C, Saed's bridge design held 50 marbles and was still standing! (We ran out of marbles.)

Each class has written their own line of inquiry. Students needed to understand the connection between the central idea, lines of inquiry and key concepts in order to do this. Working through this process will help them when they write their own units for the PYP Exhibition.


We have continued developing an understanding of the features of an explanation this week. We looked an examples of explanations to see how time and causal connectives are used. We continue to work on conventions of spelling, punctuation and grammar and how to spot errors in these when students edit their own work.

Next week students will be regrouped for Literature Circles. The students have decided that they would like to have the opportunity to read with people in other classes. Literature Circles take place every Sunday and Wednesday. Students should read the pages/chapters decided by their group and prepare a task for the next session.


We have continued to work on multiplication this week. Students have been practising a range of strategies and making decisions about which is the most efficient method for a given problem. Please see the maths section on the Grade 5 Wikispace for an explanation of some of these methods. We have also been making connections between multiplication and division. Please encourage you child to use Mathletics and also practise times tables and division facts.

Important Reminders

P.E. is on Wednesday and Thursday. Students should always remember their hats and a change of clothes on these days. They are also encouraged to bring and use non-aerosol deodorant.

Help Wanted

We would like to organise a field trip to a construction site, or have a guest speaker to talk to students about construction (an architect or civil engineer, for example). If any parents work in this field and would be able to provide a contact for a field trip, or be willing to give a talk to our students, it would be greatly appreciated. Please contact your child's class teacher if you can help us. Thank you to the parents who have responded so far.

We are your 5th Grade Teachers

Mrs. Musa: smusa@islqatar.org

Ms. Creed: jcreed@islqatar.org

Miss Brooks: tbrooks@islqatar.org

As always, we are happy to answer any question you may have. Please feel free to email us any time.