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Eliminating The Fears

Fears emerge after the first 6 months in infants. The fears of objects and people who are out of the ordinary. Baby alien people can not adapt to the new environment, and this continues until the age of two. Psychologist says that fears change the child grows. "A very large objects between the ages of 0-2, leaving the fear of loud sounds and parent of children 3-4 years old, there is fear of the dark. These fears, although over time, contrary to some fears are growing. Especially if you have some drawbacks of the parents, the the child goes.

" the greatest fear of the dark, fear of children. Heard stories of kids who do not look at the darkness, looking at the events that took place in the fantasy world of movies, animated films and plays. And in the dark, thinking about those dreams come to life. listeners, according to the children after the age of 6, there is an abstract fears. "I think it is the mental age of children. Eliminating the fears parents have great responsibility. Their children to be close, to feel that it is safe for him to rise over time, it helps to overcome fears. Parent to do when a child does not know fear, this fear is a fear of wearing can become.

" Sometimes children are afraid to say different words upset him. AƏlibəyli believes that the child said, "I'm your mother", "to conduct itself, you give someone else" statements which can cause lasting harm. "In addition, some of the animals to keep away from children" dog biting, Stay away from "or" in the dark, there are frightening things, "the views of the child fears that things are great," said the psychologist, that fear can be at the birth of the child. For example, the way the mother seeing her child to protect it sıxılırsa him, the fear of going through the child. When you look at home in any movie or scared, children begin to fear. "If the children are afraid to leave their fears head-on.

These, more children can be very scary.'s What scared child to talk about the same object, you need to understand that there is nothing frightening". Alibayli said that he is afraid of children, mothers and or father should take him to bed. According to him, it can lead to the strengthening of the child's fears. "Get your children's fears seriously. Sometimes adults behave as if they were children. Shouting for fear of the children, being scolded them. Remember the fear that it may harm the child's mental world." fear are more common in children six years of age. So they "have one under the bed, saying," you can ask for the rooms to sleep.

Kids watch more films remain under the influence. "After this age, there is generally a decrease in fear. Thinking abilities of children due to lack of experience, and they can not correctly estimate. They saw and heard, exaggerating, distorting conclusions are frightening." Ask your child to explain things to fear. Tell them to draw a picture. Kids fears after serving explain it more convenient, you can inform him about the fear thing. You can tell it's natural, and it will be your child's fears. For this example, you can show yourself or others. "" You're not the only one who feels this fear, many children are afraid of your age, through time "," I was afraid of the darkness of your age, I grew up a little more and was afraid, "and try to understand it."