Healthy Life,Healthy Kids

We need to eat healthy food every day

Every child need have a healthy lifestyle and then teachers and parents should teach their children how to become a healthy child in the daily life.
The improtant part is healthy food and how many nutrition they need take in every day.
  • The food plate is a great information to guide kids to know what kids of food they need to eat every day!
  • The food pyramid also guide kids about how to eat a balanced diet is paramount if children want them to maintain a healthy body weight.
  • The food circle remind kids need drink water every day and also guide kids what kinds of food give their more healthy.
  • Food Pyramids, Food Plates, and Other Dietary Models

Nutrition (Food ) Table Video for Kids-Food Pyramid -School Education Video

We need to do the exercise every day

Why doing exercise is cool? Because exercise makes your heart happy,exercise strengthens muscles, exercise makes You flexible,exercise keep your balance and exercise makes you feel good. So we need do exercise every day!
Exercise tips can help kids to know how much exersice they need per day.
Nutrition and Exercise Tips for Kids

Healthy Habits for kids

Children should have healthy habits and teachers and parents should help their children become healthy kids.
  • In the daily life, teachers and parents should always remind their kids to wash the hand and kids should remember to wash the hand. Here have some Hand Washing Tips for Kids.
  • Every kids should have enough sleep every day and teachers and parents should teach children some sleep tips.
  • In the daily life, children should remind themselves do not touch cigarettes, alcohol and drugs.
5 Healthy Sleep Habits For Kids
The Food Song (Clip) - Kids + Children Learn English Songs