Making a survival kit

Tips on what to put in a survial kit.


A knife is a very imprtant part of a survival kit. A knife can be very useful in many ways. It can be used in almost all aspects of survival such as shelter, first aid, and food. A knife would help with shelter with cutting materials. You would need a knife with first aid incase something got stuck inside you and you needed to cut it out. And lastly, you would need a knife for food. You would need a knife for filleting fish or even just cutting animals to eat.
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Rope or string

Rope can be used in so many ways while stuck in the wilderness. It is small so you can put it in a backpack survival kit. You can use rope for lots of things like hunting/trapping, shelter, and also first aid. You would use rope during hunting/trapping if you needed to make a trap and catch an animal. You would use rope for building shelter for holding things up like branches and tying things down. You would use rope in first aid if you got a bad cut and needed to cut off the circulation you could tie the rope around the limb.
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Matches or Lighter

With matches or a lighter comes fire. Fire can help you so much during survival but it can also be bad. Fire can be bad if you burn yourself. But if you use fire correctly, it can be your best friend. It can keep you warm. It can cook your food. It can also disinfect wounds if done correctly.
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