That really sucks!!!

My Thoughts....

For people who thing i'm wrong prove me wrong below...

Drop one idea below showing how it was contained!!

I agree with you on some points you got there.

Just only a few I agree with you on.

I mean like even though it didn't spread all over the world it was just only in that one small area. Also, that some of the countries that were under control soon broke out of communism like how they did in the chart Ms.Stoll showed us. That doesn't mean I fully agree with you about ''It was contained'' cause it clearly wasn't.

You can connect me with your opions at websites below!!!

Hit me up with your thought about communism and how you feel about it. We won't judge you be only debate with you and see who puts up the best arguments.. We won't go easy so bring your best facts and show us what you got.