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Who founded Georgia, and Why

The Founder of Georgia is James Oglethorpe. He founded it because the English feared that Spain was about to expand it's Florida colony upward. Also, It was going to be a home for Debtors.

Geography of Georgia

Georgia has a warm climate with hot summers, and mild winters. The land was coastal plains in the east, and Piedmont farther inland. The western part of Georgia are mountainous. Also, the soil is great for farming, and a much longer growing season than any other region.

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Economy of Georgia

The southern colonies of the 13 colonies economy was based almost entirely based on farming. The cash crops of this region were Indigo, rice, sugarcane, tobacco,and cotton. Crops were grown on plantations where slaves,and indentured servants worked on the farms
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Religion of Georgia

Georgia has a mixture of religions, some such as Baptists, and Anglicans. The Churches in Georgia were familiar churches to some people. The Church service was most of the day, but some people believed that it should have all day. Also, people in Georgia thought that the service was a very important affair.

Goverment of Georgia

The Government of Georgia is a royal colony. A royal colony is a government ruled by a governor appointed by the king. The governor of Georgia is James Oglethorpe. He is also the founder of Georgia.