Adele By Shelbie Basch

Adele comes back

Star comes back with her new Song Hello

Adele is famous for her music and has over 135,000 FANS
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Adele 27 years old born May 5th 1988

A fine woman who is 27 years old with a son who is 3 years old

Early life

Adele is 27 years old her birthday is may 5th 1988 in London Tottenham she has a son Angelo she is a famous singer and has 135,000 fans her song hello is the top billbord 100 she wanted to be a arty like her mom ..

Adele’s father left her and her mom when Adele was at the age of only 4 years old. Her father was remained to contact her only until her teen years, because of his alcohol addiction. After Adele was not able to see her dad she was very close to her mom.

Since Adele was so close to her mom that's when she became arty and became a really famous songwriter and a singer Adele released her new billboard top 100 HELLO
Adele - Hello
Did you know that Rihanna and kanya west don't release their new album until Adele does because she is so famous and everybody votes for her and they know she will win the award
Adele has won a lot of awards she has won a Grammy award,billboard award and a Brit award She has won over 30 to 40 Grammy awards. she also she has a son Angelo and he was born October 10 2012 and is 3 years old
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