Turner Syndrome

By Ryan Nolen

What is Turner Syndrome?

Turner Syndrome is a genetic condition that is found in some females. This is because of monsomy-x, which means that only one of the x chromosomes is there and working completely. the most common symptoms are reproductive sterility, short stature, thyroid problems, and kidney abnormalities. There isn't a cure but people with Turner Syndrome undergo estrogen replacement therapy and use growth hormone shots.

More about Turner Syndrome

Meet Sophia

Sofia is all smiles in her festive party dress at the 5th Annual Holiday Party for Friends and Families of the Turner Syndrome Foundation. This annual benefit of the Turner Syndrome Foundation, a national organization dedicated to raising awareness and advocating for all girls and women with the condition. In addition to being held at a new venue, the Graycliff, in Moonachie, The Garden State Ballet accompanied by an orchestra conducted by Ilene Greenbaum performed a spectacular performance of Tchaikovsky’s “The Nutcracker”. Many raved that this years event felt more like a "gala" and the committee raised the bar. 200 guests attended from coast to coast who had ties to Turner Syndrome.