Babysitting For Affordable Rates

Loving Babysitter for Lovable Rates

Babysitter With First-Aid Knowledge And is Very Caring

My name is Parth and I am here to take care off your child while you have some "alone" time. I am Honest, Responsible, Respectful, Loving, Knowledgeable, Punctual, Caring and overall happy Person. I am a certified babysitter and I have a certificate in babysitting from St.John's Ambulance. I am highly trained in First Aid and I have over 3 years in experience. YOUR KID WILL LOVE THE EXPERIENCE!

Look at the Amazing Activities I Do With The Kids!

Parth's Babysitting Service

Please feel free to call me anytime on my phone. Your kid will love this oppurtunity... Trust Me! I love kids and I like spending time with kids! Only $10 000 per hour!