Update to CMS Athletic Handbook

Attendance in School and Practices

Dear Parents and Students

There was some confusing wording regarding attendance to practice the day before a game. We have cleaned up the language and wanted to remind everyone what the expectation is.

With the ongoing illnesses, our number one concern is that athletes are healthy. We encourage students to not push it when recovering from diagnosed illnesses and return when they are healthy. Please continue to communicate with the coaches when your child stays home from school and practices.

Thank you!

Policy Clarification


Students must be in attendance at school for the entire day of a competition, or the Friday before a Saturday competition.

Athletes must attend the practice prior to the game to be able to participate in the event.

  • The Athletic Director will use their discretion to excuse absences from practice for enforcing events or family emergency, and this must be communicated in advance.

  • If an athlete has missed multiple practices (including not full practices) during the week it is up to the coaches if the athlete will participate in that weeks events, as this is a safety concern. If the practices are unexcused they will not participate.

  • An athlete/parent needs to communicate with the coach directly when they are not in practice, preferably ahead of time. A note or email will be sent by the parent to the coach when a practice will be missed, or why they were not at practice.

  • Students MUST dress out and participate in Physical Education to be eligible to participate in that day's practice or event