Jackson The Destroyer

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Indian Removal Act

The Cherokee trike had their own land in Georgia. Because they were on their land, Georgia tried to remove them using Georgia laws but that didn't work because they were their own land. But Jackson didn't like that so he went against the them and signed the Indian Removal Act. That led to the trail of tears which was a horrible time for the Cherokees.

Trail of Tears

After the Indian Removal Act the Indians are getting ready to leave their own land to move.When they started moving west of the Mississippi river, they went through some tough conditions. There were tough winter snow that killed a lot of them. And in the end now many of the Cherokees made it out alive.

Killing The National Bank

Jackson finishes his first term but didn't get to attack the national bank. So Jackson gets re-elected and by using the power of his veto, he destroyed the national bank. Though this action did not turn out how Jackson wanted it. Instead Jackson destroyed the economy.

Cherokee Letter

Jackson did not like us Cherokees so he kicked us from our land and forced us to leave. We had to take a long and deadly walk all the way to our new land. Not many of us survived because of the harsh winter snow. Only a small few of us made it to our new land thanks to Jackson.

Southern Letter

Thanks to Mr.Jackson we finally got some more land to make some expansions on our farms. Those Cherokees were staying on our land for too long and we couldn't even touch'em because they were a, "Native land."Another amazing thing Mr.Jackson did for us is destroying that national bank that the upper class people love so much. It was great to see those fancy rich people finally panic for once, thanks President Jackson.

Political Cartoon

The picture below is talking about how Jackson didn't really care about other peoples opinion about politics and would do his own thing even if they said not to.
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