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Volume 3, Issue 2 (Winter/Spring 2023)

They call this Winter, yet we are gearing up for the Spring semester!

We hope you have had wonderful Holiday Season and are ready to start fresh!

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Congratulations to all of our Fall 2022 CTE Graduates who graduated December of 2022! We had a wonderful Graduation Ceremony and the weather was cooperative!

Please keep in touch and let us know what you are up to! We love to hear from you!


The Graduate School is having a virtual open house on January 31st at 6 PM via ZOOM! Dr. Woodworth, our Graduate Coordinator, will be online and hosting a break-out session for all CTE students who attend. It's a great time to ask questions, meet your classmates, put faces to names, find out more information.

Graduate Studies Virtual OPEN HOUSE

Tuesday, January 31st, 6pm.

Dates to Know for Spring 2023:

  • First Day of Sping Session Courses - January 23,, 2023 (Monday)

  • GRADUATE OPEN HOUSE - VIRTUAL - January 31st, 6 PM (Monday)

  • Final Course DROP Date - February 10, 2023

  • Spring Break - March 13-17

  • Comprehensive Exam - GRADUATE STUDENTS ONLY must take this exam to graduate. (Dr. Woodworth)

EXAM: WHEN: Saturday, March 25th, 2023 - 8 AM - NOON
WHERE: ONLINE - via Brightspace and ZOOM
REVIEW: WHEN: Tuesday, March 14th, 2023 - 6-8 PM
WHERE: Via ZOOM (those registered for the exam will be invited to the zoom

(must be registered by March 14th AT NOON)

  • Occupational Competency Exam - Not needed by everyone; Your advisor will let you know if you need to take it
EXAM: April 1st, 2023. All other details will be shared with those who register for the exam.

  • Last Day of Classes - May 5, 2023

  • Graduation - Saturday, May 13, 2023 (We hope to see all of our graduates there!)

THINGS TO DO! Please check this!!

This is a list of highly suggested "to-do's" !

EVERYONE (Graduate and Undergraduate):

  • Check your Degree Works to see that your courses are filling your requirements and that you are keeping up with your degree completion; check with your advisor for clarification on anything. You are responsible for your own progress!

  • GRADUATION IN THE NEXT YEAR? You need to apply to graduate - there is a link in your DEGREE WORKS - sign up now if Spring or Fall 2023 is your last semester.


  • GRADUATE STUDENTS - if you have COMPLETED 12 credits, you must apply for Candidacy - see your degree works for the link to do so.

  • GRADUATE STUDENTS - during your LAST semester of your degree program, you must sign up for and take the Comprehensive Exam - this is required for graduation.


  • CTE 509 is a prerequisite for most of the other courses in our MSEd Initial Certification programs; be sure to take that as one of your first courses

  • CTE 312/512 should not be taken until your FINAL semester of coursework before student teaching. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT; you will be dropped if you register for it before you should. THANKS!

  • All email communications with SUNY faculty/staff should be done using your email. This is for security reasons. Please be sure to link your oswego account to whatever account you use most frequently so you do not miss important information!

  • FOR GRADUATE STUDENTS; if you are half way or more (18 credits or more credits completed) through your degree, you are eligible for an Internship Certification with NYS, and Oswego can give you the recommendation to get it. This allows you to start teaching before you finish the degree for initial certification; you have 3 years in which to complete the degree under this certification. Contact your Advisor for more information

Updated Graduate Admission Requirement for International Students

A World Evaluation Services (WES) evaluation of all international applicants to graduate programs is now REQUIRED. This means that international students will have to pay a fee to have their official transcripts sent and evaluated course by course (at The fee is $167 with an additional $30 per school the student would like to send it to.


Each edition we will feature a different professor in the department in an effort for you to get to know us better. This month you meet our Visiting Assistant Professor, Cynthia Thomas:

Cynthia Bruton-Thomas is a CTE enthusiast and lifelong learner. She started her CTE career more than 15 years ago as a licensed cosmetologist and owner of K & Company Salon. During that time, she became a Cosmetology Examiner for the NY Department of State, Division of Licensing and was a platform artist for L’Oréal Matrix. She has also worked to complete her graduate degree from SUNY Oswego.

Gaining her master’s degree led her to become a Cosmetology Instructor with the Syracuse City School District. During her tenure, she piloted the districts first ever Middle school CTE program, and provided instructional support, curriculum writing, and professional development for middle school CTE teachers. During that time Cynthia earned her CAS in Instructional Design & Development from Syracuse University.

Currently, she is a professor at her Alma Mater SUNY Oswego. She works to provide instruction, and professional support for future CTE professionals while staying dedicated to advancing the CTE industry through innovation and educational support. Her belief is “CTE can shift the trajectory of education as we know it through strategic planning and implementation”. Cynthia resides in Syracuse, NY where she enjoys spending time with her husband and two children making family memories.

Next issue we will meet some of our Adjunct Professors.



  • Our online platform for classes is BRIGHTSPACE - this is where you will find the courses you registered for. To access BRIGHTSPACE, go to: and sign in using your credentials. We recommend bookmarking it on your computer.

  • You will not be notified when your courses open: Check Brightspace during the week prior to classes beginning.

  • Courses generally "go live" approximately a week before the official start of classes. This allows access to the courses so you can get used to working in BRIGHTSPACE and figure out what you will need to do for the semester. You are not required to be in the courses until the first day of classes, but this is an excellent opportunity to get a head-start!


This section of the newsletter provides links on CTE articles that are in the news; some informational, some entertaining, all important! Enjoy!


These items will make your experience as a student easier:

  • Whenever you contact one of your Professors for anything, please include your ID number - there are tens of thousands of names in our system and it can be difficult to find you without it; this makes if easier for everyone!
  • Make appointments with your professors; our schedules have us on and off campus, and we want to be sure to help you!


Need to contact us? Here is how you can do so:

Dr. Benjamin Ogwo – Department Chair

· Dr. Jan Woodworth - Graduate Coordinator

· Dr. Star Matteson – Undergraduate Coordinator

Prof. Cynthia Thomas - Visiting Assistant Professor

· Administrative Assistant - Beth


We plan to highlight current students and alumni in our newsletters. Please send updates on what you are doing to for inclusion in future newsletters!


  • Ashley (Kent) Whiteman '21, Agriculture Teacher as Tri-Valley Central School, was chosen as the Region VI National Association for Agriculture Educators scholarship winner to represent NYS for 2022 Teacher Turn The Key, a national professional development program sponsored by the National Association of Agriculture Educators for early career teachers. This program was held in Las Vegas in December.

  • Mary-Elizabeth Foote '21, Agriculture Teacher at Schuylerville Central School, was honored as the 2022 Rising Alumna from SUNY Cobleskill. Mary-Elizabeth has been an active Agriculture Educator, growing her agriculture program and participating in professional development opportunities, as well as taking on leadership roles with the New York Association of Agriculture Educators. Mary was recognized at Cobleskill in October.

  • Catie Rowe '20, Agriculture Education Program Specialist as part of the Agriculture Education Outreach Program at Cornell University. Catie works to support Agriculture teachers in the field. She was recently elected by the National Association of Agricultural Education to represent them on The Council for Agriculture Education; this is quite an honor.