Alexander Wolcott


Early life

Wolcott was born in 1804. He had two brothers and two sisters.He went to yale college. Before he invented the camera he was a dentist by trade and a machinist. Alexander wolcott died four years after invented the camera in 1844.

Interesting Facts About The Inventor

Wolcott made it possible for candid photos to be taken and not fad away. Alexander wolcott had a photography shop called Daguerran Parlor. In his shop was when he had the idea to make the first camera. He then start making his invention in 1840 .

His Camera

Great inventor of the Industrial Revolution

Wolcott was a great inventor because he was able to invent the camera so people could take pictures and save them . He also made it possible to take pictures .

After The Camera

Alexander wolcott died in 1844 with his wife Lucy Wolcott.Get died at age 39 in London.