Jilla movie update news

2 teasers of the film have been released only on YOUTUBE. Veliyakatat trailer of the film, it 's just the talk, there was just the teaser jilla songs. Here ' jilla ' director of communications, told necanai, " one tireylara unpublish, publish the results do tisara promos. The first teaser that best describes the film, jilla songs seen by 10 million people. Most watched videos on YOUTUBE site in India, ' jilla ' teaser featured on 2 consecutive days was very happy.

2 days and a half minute trailer for the film is still determined to release YOUTUBE site. On January 6, the moment we have decided to publish, "he said.District 3 mkatta started shooting ! 18 Jilla - 3rd schedule shooting begins Vijay 's film jilla patippitippu third phase started in Chennai. Actor Vijay, Kajal Agarwal, sole co- grossing film made ​​gun. Ataitotarntu, Vijay, the film jilla joined kajalum pair again.

Mohanlal plays the main role in the film.T composing. Iman. Having already completed the shooting of the two -phase, 3- phase has jilla songs begun shooting in Chennai. jilla has provoked jilla songs more than the expectations of the boss Vijay film debut film director RJ Directing the Nation. Speaking about the film director, is to take place in Chennai shooting, at the first meeting of the hero and heroine were to display. Besides, the picture is taken with the proton Suri cinkalum comedy that will be shoot in Chennai.

Vijay 's ' jilla ' political ' punch ' that there is no jilla songs 21 No Political punch in Vijays jilla starring Vijay, ' gun ' at the time of release of the film, the film as opposed to some systems. Subsequently, the recently released ' Boss ' films, including a bomb threat came after a meeting with some resistance. So, now Vijay who, ' jilla ' image and producing a ' RP Chaudhry film, no political vacanankalo, frustration katcikalo should not be ' the director asked kontullaram. Thereafter, ' jilla ' movie, every scene, and the word care filmed varukinranaram. Romance, comedy, centiment entirely as it only consists of scenes.