Japanese Kitchen

by: Emanuel Rodriguez


Salmon Sashimi with Ginger and Hot Sesame Oil

Salmon with a little citrus-soy dressing, then tops it with fresh ginger and chives before bathing it in a hot sesame-oil mixture. The heat from the oil cooks the salmon just slightly, creating a luxurious texture and fragrance.

Japanese Spiced Eggplant

Soy sauce and mirin and sprinkles it with togarashi, a tangerine-scented Japanese spice blend of chiles, sesame seeds, and dried seaweed.

Baked Vegetable Tempura

The wide variety of veggies in this tempura recipe provides vitamins, minerals, and health-promoting plant compounds. The mustard in the dipping sauce contains curcumin, a compound that makes mustard yellow and exhibits anticancer and anti-inflammatory properties.
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Salad: Iron-Rich Spinach and Hijiki Salad

A salad mixed with mayonnaise and ground sesame seeds. Your iron intake requirement is taken care of with this one dish!

Salad: Spinach and Shimeji Mushrooms with Garlic Soy Sauce

Spinach and Mushrooms showered in Garlic Soy sauce.

Soup: Dashi

There is two versions, the Vegetarian and normal version. It is a great base for all your food. And has a wonderful aroma to it, it'll make your mouth water.

Main Dishes: Kare Raisu

Curry Rice, rice with curry spice, and can have several toppings such as Tonkatsu.


Meaning grilled fish, this can be mackerel (saba), salmon (sake), mackerel pike (sanma), horse mackerel (aji), Okhotsk atka mackerel (hokke), sea bream (tai) and sweetfish (ayu).


Noodles with various toppings such as fried tofu (kitsune udon), tempura (tempura udon), and mountain vegetables (sansai udon).

Desserts: Dango

Sweet Japanese rice dumplings, the can be roasted over a fire.


Sweet Azuki Beans. These beans are so sweet, they were used in Japan before processed sugar made it to Japan.

Coffee Jelly

This is black coffee with jelly in it, with such toppings such as Vanilla or ice cream.


Soda: Soda's imported from Japan.
Matcha: Green Tea.
Coffee: This can either be canned or non canned and freshly brewed here.