The Revolutionary War

How did the 13 colonies beat the strongest military around?


Although the British army had more experience and training they lost the war. How is it possible for the best to lose to the worst. The Americans had learned tactics from Indians and they knew the terrain better. While the British were standing in lines shooting. The Americans were hiding behind rocks and trees to avoid British fire.


Although the British had more funding, the weaponry of the time was pretty limited to muskets and cannons. The weaponry of each team was pretty well matched the only real difference was the food and clothes. The British army was better clothed and fed but Americans were stronger. Americans often went without shoes in the dead of winter rapping their feet in clothe to keep in some heat and soak up most of the blood. Americans were also so starved that by the end that 1/4 cup of rice and a tablespoon of vinegar was considered a feast.


The Americans were fighting for their freedom. The British were fighting for money and power. American soldiers benefited from winning the war much more than British soldiers would have. The American soldiers had much better reasons to fight, they needed to fight just to be free. This gave Americans an upper hand as they tried much harder and gave up much more for the war.


Over all the Americans won for some obvious reasons. They had better tactics and knowledge of the area. They had about the same kind of equipment and weaponry. The also had much more of a reason to fight giving soldiers a lot of morale.