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What are chickens REALLY used for

Chicken 101

Chickens are used for a great number of things. People usually associate a chicken with meat products or egg products, but what people do not know is that chickens can be used for a great number of other things. For example: plastic bags, pet food, and pillow stuffings. More information will be made available soon!

What does poultry go to when sold

Down and Feathers

The different parts of a chicken is used for many different things. A few examples are plastic bags, the stuffing in pillows, and pet/livestock feed. The feathers of a chicken are used for the stuffing in less expensive pillows while the down of a goose are used for the more expensive pillows. Another thing feathers are used for is to help make the dashboards of a car more quiet and stronger. The fiber from feathers is used in air filters to help remove more dust and allergens and air particles from the air.

Eggs, Bones, and Meat

Eggs are used for a lot of things on emain one is cooking. Eggs are high in protein and can be easily cooked a number of different ways. Some ways include scrambbled, over easy, sunny side up, and deviled. The bones can be used as well. The bones are good to put into soups and stocks to add flavor to the food. They will not disenagrate in the soup but they will add flavor. The meat of a chicken is also used in our daily life. A lot of days most families eat a dinner or lunch that has either sliced chicken or some kind of chicken meat in it. Some types of food that are popular with families who eat chicken are things like chicken marsala, rotisserie chicken, chicken sandwiches, etc etc ect.

Leghorn Captor Inc.

Our company is used for the soul purpose of providing the world with the many uses of chicken. Chicken by products are one of specilities. There is not a single part of the chicken that we would not be able to find a use for, so make sure to fly on over if you have chicken needs.