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November 11-15


A few reminders that will help us all finish November and December strong:

  • Bus dismissal- Please work with us to keep the gym quiet and orderly in the afternoon for bus dismissal. As older grades arrive to the gym, the noise level is going up and announcements cannot be heard. *Buses should not begin loading until all grades have arrived in the gym*. And students should be exiting in line and orderly. Let's increase our monitoring and distribution of Parr bucks to see if we can get back to how we were the first of the year. Thank you for your help!
  • Lunch drop off- All grade levels, please walk your students all the way into the cafeteria serving line. If the line is backed up (midway down the wall or further) please send Jen and Christina a text so they are aware.
  • In years past, the last Friday of the month students have visited previous teachers. We are no longer doing this (several Character Rallies fall on the last Friday). Please encourage your students to give a silent wave to previous teachers as they see them in the hallways
  • Please email or text Christina or Jen and let us know when you are going to be out. This lets us know to check AESOP to make sure that a sub has picked up the job. If you filled out a Discretionary Leave for a personal day, please email or text us as I don't keep track of those since you usually ask in advance
  • Please be sure to be at your duty spot on time. If you are unable to make it on time, please text Christina and Jen and one of us would be happy to cover for you.
  • Please be sure you are not propping any outside doors for any reason!

We are hoping to have 100% of our classes participating in our 20 days of Thanks and Giving!

Important Dates

Pledge helpers this week-- Mrs. Ellisor's class

Generation Texas Week!

November 11- Day 1

  • Wear red, white and blue to support our Veteran's!
  • Veteran's Day program 8:30 in the gym. Grade levels will be called down beginning at 8:20.
  • Be sure to use the thank you note in your box to brighten someone's day

November 12- Day 2

  • Wildcats to the core! Wear white or maroon for CCHS.
  • Kinder morning PL
  • 5th grade Curriculum Study
  • Author Visit- Susan Stevens Crummel 8:30 a.m.- Students will be called to the gym immediately following announcments.
  • Yesenia out all day
  • Virtual CIIC meeting-- look for an email
  • Do something nice for a coworker and wear jeans and a fall shirt

November 13- Day 3

  • CCISD College shirt day
  • 2nd grade morning PL
  • 4th grade Math Curriculum Study
  • Collaboration 3:30- 4:30 p.m.
  • Remove complaints from your day

November 14- Day 4

  • Your future is bright! Wear bright colors.
  • 1st grade Curriculum Study
  • Christina out all day
  • Give someone a compliment today. Send a positive email or make a positive phone call home

November 15- Day 5

  • Patriot Pride! Wear your class t-shirt or a Parr spirit shirt.
  • Thanksgiving Feast- A-L
  • Consider eating lunch with a student who doesn't have family visiting
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Special Shout out this week to...

Jennifer Ellisor, Heather Colston, Kim Garon, Lisa Salisbury, and Shannon Poche for being so patient during our long ARD!

Those who organized our service project for collecting food! Dina Scott for the idea, Stephanie Hirsch for the cute calendar and Yesenia for disseminating the information! I am looking forward to seeing how much food we collect!

Character Corner

Courage (Character Education Video)
Character Videos for kids - Trustworthiness
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