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September 2015

Watch a YouTube Video Without the Other Videos Along the Side

  • Viewpure Using this website you can view a YouTube video with out the other recommended videos showing. Simply copy the URL (web address) of the You Tube video and then paste it in the Viewpure website and click "Purify". This will give you the video with nothing else on the page. This is a great tool to use if you will be showing a YouTube video in your class and you do not want the other videos to pop up. You can also share the link of this new Viewpure page with your students.

Padlet - Now as an App

Padlet is a website that has been a part of almost every professional development session that I have run. They have recently released an app version of their product, which has been installed on all iPads in the district.

Padlet is a great tool for brainstorming and organizing information gathered from students. It is very simple to create a wall on a whim and share with students, with no log in required. Some other great uses for Padlet in your classroom could include:

  • Back channeling
  • Collaborative notetaking
  • Resource sharing/bookmarking
  • Exit tickets

Google Classroom Folders - How Do They Work?

One of the primary benefits of using Google Classroom is the built in organization of your Google Drive. As part of this organization, Google Classroom automatically creates a Classroom" folder in Google Drive for both the teacher and the student. While this is a great feature, it may also create some confusion

Clearing Up the Confusion

In her Teacher Tech blog, Alice Keeler explains the confusion:

"The class folder in Google Drive for the teacher and the student has the same name but is NOT the same folder. If a teacher adds files to the class folder in Google Drive, these files are NOT visible to the students. If a student adds files to their class folder in Google Drive, the files are NOT visible to the teacher or classmates."

She goes on to explain that this is actually good because it allows the teacher and the student the ability to add files to their folders that are associated with the class. For example, students may be working on a long term project and they could add the resources that they are accumulating to the class folder - helping them stay organized.

Creating a "Linked" Folder

So now we know how the class folder works and why it works that way, but what it we want it to be different? What if we want a folder where the teacher can put documents and resources for the students to access?

Following the steps below will allow you to put a link to a "shared" folder in the "About" tab of your Google Class.

  1. Open you Google Drive
  2. Open your Classroom Folder
  3. Open the folder of the Class you are working in
  4. Click New > Folder and name the folder accordingly (ie. Class Resources)
  5. While the folder is highlighted blue, click on the Share icon
  6. Click on Get Sharable Link and click on Copy Link
  7. Open you Google Classroom class and navigate to the About tab
  8. Click on Add Materials
  9. Title with the folder name (Class Resources)
  10. Click on the Attach Link icon (chain link), paste the link, and click Add
  11. Click Post

See video below for a demonstration.


Teacher Tech - Alice Keeler