Southern Middle School

Open House 2020-2021

Our Purpose

With a focus on students first, we will provide a safe and orderly environment where students receive rigorous and engaging instruction.

Meet Our Staff

CLICK HERE for to learn a little about each staff member.
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-- Student Schedule --

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Hybrid/Remote Student Schedule

During the first semester of the 2020-2021 school year, all students electing to attend school face-to-face will be assigned a Track. Students on Track 1 will be in the building Monday/Tuesday. Students on Track 2 will be in the building Thursday/Friday.

Virtual Academy Student Schedule

Students that have elected to attend school virtually this semester have been scheduled into classes based on that request.

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-- Morning Arrival Procedures --

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Morning Arrival from Bus Transportation

Students riding the bus will arrive and be dropped off in the bus parking lot. Students will be directed to their designated grade level entrance. 6th grade students will enter at the outside entrance of the 6th grade hallway. 7th grade will enter and the outside entrance of the gym. 8th grade students will enter at the outside entrance of the center hallway located between the gym and 6th grade.

Students will wait with social distancing as they meet staff at the doors to perform a temperature health check. Students with a high range temperature will be escorted to our health isolation room and a parent will be contacted.

Watch the video below for a demonstration and explanation of this Morning Bus Arrival procedure.

SMS - Bus Riders

Morning Arrival from the Car Rider Line

Students arriving as a car rider will be dropped off through the car rider line on the CAFETERIA side of the building. Please follow the traffic line to the drop off area marked with numbers 1 through 6. Staff will greet you at those stations. Students will:

  • stay in their car until a staff member arrives
  • roll their window down for the staff member to perform a temperature health check
  • await confirmation that their temperature is within reasonable range and permitted to enter the building
  • students who have a high range temperature will be asked to stay in their car and asked to leave

View the video below for a demonstration and further explanation of this procedure.

SMS Car Line 2020
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-- Health & Safety --

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Student Health Attestation Form

CLICK HERE to complete the Student Health Attestation From. Each child must have this completed before they can attend school. This form is completed one time and verifies that a parent/guardian will not send their child to school if he/she is experiencing any symptoms of or been exposed to COVID-19. It also verifies that the school will be notified in the event a student does show symptoms or has been exposed.

You can also complete the form below.

Student and Staff Face Coverings

Every student and staff member is required to wear face covering when at school each day. Students will be required to wear their face covering in a manner that covers their nose and mouth. Students who do not wear a face covering or refuse to wear one correctly will not be allowed to attend school and will be sent home.

CLICK HERE for more information regarding wearing your mask at SMS.

CLICK HERE for guidelines from the CDC regarding correct use of face coverings.

View the video below for a demonstration of wearing your face mask.

Wearing a mask

Keeping It Clean

We have added several new cleaning procedures to protect the health and safety of our students and staff:

  • Hand Washing Breaks
  • Restroom Breaks
  • Cleaning restrooms and hand washing stations between cohort and individual use
  • Cleaning designated areas of classrooms between the use of core teachers
  • Cleaning student areas of electives classrooms between each class
  • Cleaning all classrooms on Wednesday and Friday afternoon to prepare for the next cohort

View the link below for an explanation of these procedures.

View the video below for a demonstration of hand washing procedures.
Washing Hands 2020

Class Changes and Hallway Transitions

Students will transition in the hallways during two times of each day. Students will transition to and from their electives class and to the cafeteria to receive their lunch. At other times of the day students will also transition in the hallway for scheduled bathroom and hand washing breaks.

When leaving a classroom or entering into a hallway, students will walk on the right side of the hallway and keep hands to themselves. Remember to "WAIT" a safe distance of 6 feet from the person walking in front of you.

View the video below for a demonstration hallway transitions.

Transitions 2020

Receiving Lunch

Students will transition to the cafeteria to receive their lunch. They will continue to practice the 3 "Ws". Students will Wash their hands prior to receiving lunch, Wear their mask and Wait 6 feet from the person in front of them during the transition to and from the cafeteria.

Students will return to their homeroom classes to eat lunch. Students not wanting a school lunch can bring their own. Any food from outside vendors should be wrapped in containers without identify the vendor's name.

View the video below for a full demonstration of students receiving their lunch from the cafeteria.

Lunch Line 2020
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-- Additional Panther Information --

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Student Supply Lists

CLICK HERE for the school supply. It identifies the general supplies needed for students in each grade level.


Parents and teachers communicate using REMIND. This service allows two-way communication for updates, instruction, and more. Parents can connect with each teacher to receiving ongoing updates and announcements for classes throughout the year.

Parents can connect by either downloading the REMIND App or through text only.

Using the App -- enter the class code

Using Text -- text the class code to 81010

CLICK HERE for Southern Middle School's REMIND codes. After viewing your schedule, find the codes for your teachers and get connected.

Need Help? Check out these links for more information:


Visitors will ring the bell to notify the front office. Visitors should only enter the building after being buzzed in. Please do not allow other visitors to enter with your or enter with someone else without notifying the office. This year visitors will be asked to wait in the lobby while we call for your child.

View the video below for a demonstration of visitor arrival.

Check outs

Student Attendance

CLICK HERE for information on how your child’s attendance will be taken each day.

PTSA :: Parent-Teacher-Student-Association

We encourage all parents to join our PTSA. Membership fees and monies from their fundraisers assist our students and school as a whole in many ways. Please view the letter below for a detailed list of how the PTSA helps our school and learn more about how to join.

CLICK HERE for our 2020-2021 PTSA Opening Letter

CLICK HERE for online payment to join our PTSA

Student Handbook

CLICK HERE to view Southern Middle School's Student Handbook.

2020-2021 Parent Gazette

CLICK HERE to view the 2020-2021 PCS Parent Gazette.