Vanessa Ramirez


I am currently an actress at this moment, my name is Vanessa Ramirez and I'm here to tell you about me and how, and why you should be an actor.

Here are some actors you may know

About Me

Well as I've told y'all my name is Vanessa i am an actress and i work in multiple places depending on my roles in movies/shows. What actors specifically do is they interpret a writers script to entertain an audience. What we do during the day is reherse for our roles for movies or shows. Working hours for actors are irregular and extensive. I went to college at Tenessee State University for 4 years, and i got my bachelors degree there.

Things you need to know about actors

Actors need to have skills such as creativity, memorization skills, persistence, physical stamina, reading skills, and last but very not least speaking skills. Salary, the lowest paying is $8.92, medium is $20.26, and highest is $90.00.

Pros in acting are that you don't work a lot, hours are irregular.

And cons in acting are actors face intense competition when auditioning for a role. Also actors have to be able to work in unpleasant conditions.

Finally, why you should be an actor!!!

I personally think you should be an actor because its just a phenomenal experience and you will have alot of fun. Although there are some intense situations you will face you just have to get through it and move on. Acting to me is being able to play many different roles in movies but at the same time being yourself while doing it. If you think you can play many different roles and face intense situations while doing it then i think acting is something you should consider.

Examples of different roles and emotions