When Sabrina first arives at her grandmother's, she is rude and does not believe in the fairytales her grandma is telling her are true. However, when her grandma and their butler get taken by a giant, sabrina realizes her grandma had been telling the truth and changes her aditude.


Daphne is Sabrina's younger sister. She is a very sweet, kind girl and has a very big imagination. She believed her grandma from the start. Daphne is so much like her grandmother, because they both never give up.


Mrs. Grimm, Sabrina and Daphne's grandmother, is a very sweet, old lady who is a detective in her town. She lives in Ferryport landing and is the last Grimm other than the Girl's and their parents. She never doubts anyone. She makes wierd foods that ironically taste really good.


The themes in this book are that when you work together you can accomplish anything, and you need to believe in others.


This book takes place in a little town called Ferryport Landing. Ferryport landing is a small town with a dark forrest, and a big secret. This is where all the everafters live. The everafters, who are fairytale creatures, cannot leave Ferryport Landing.

Conflict and Plot

Conflict: Sabrina and Daphne's go missing and they are sent to live with their grandmother, whom they did not know was even alive.

Rising action: Sabrina, Daphne, and their grandmother go to investigate a house that "colapsed". At first, Sabrina did not see anything, but when she looked at the the house from the hill, she saw the land surrounding the house squished in the shape of a giant footprint.

Climax: A giant picked up Grandmother Grimm's car with Mr. Canis and Grandma Grimm in the car. Sabrina and Daphne, left without a car, are forced to walk all the way home and on the way they found an everafter boy named Puck who calls himself the "trickster king". They come up with a plan to save their gandmother and Butler.

Falling Action: The kids find Jack the giant killer from Jack and the Beanstalk. They make a plan to luer the giant to them.

Resolution: They get their granmother and Mr. Canis back by killing the giant.