America Beetween 1919-1929


Franklin Roosevelt

Franklin Roosevelt an American president who was elected over Henry Hoover in March 4th 1933

Roosevelt had a plan and called it "The New Deal" he wanted everyone to have a house and a job

Roosevelt was also paralised from the hip down but still did speeches stood up because he thought that if the American people saw that he was paralisedf they may lose faith in him and think he was less powerful because of this

Henry Ford

Henry Ford who founded Ford motors during World war 1 was a car manafacturer.Later after he made the first industrial car the majority of America owned one because they were so cheap and made is so easier to get around

The T Model

the T Model was $825 it was so cheap and very easy to repair the price even fell year by year Henry ford sold 215.000 of the T Model

Ford Airplanes

Ford's most successful aircraft was the Ford 4AT Trimotor also called the "Tin Goose"

Treaty of Versailles . Rhineland . Suffragets . Suffrigsts . Great Deppression . Wall Street Crash .

World War 1

In World war 1 then english army had a shortage of soldiers so they were recuriting everyone and anyone over the age 16 unless they were in caperable to hel-p out on the front line but some would just work in the trenches helping the men

The Soldiers had a ristriction on 2 rounds a day

Then there were the people who just point blankly refused to help out in the waqr these people were called conecentes Subjectors who even refuse to help in hostpitals or in the treches because it was in there religon and they thought if they got involved they were as bad as everyone else.