Come On Over To Connecticut

We follow all the Puritan ways!

Puritan Paradise

Do you crave Maize, tabacco, beans, or anything else that doesn't grow well in your colony? That's ok! Don't fret! Get it by living here! You could even grow your own if you come right now! We grow plenty of great crops, and our leader, Thomas Hooker, and our founder, John Waynes, keep this colony ship shape! If you're Puritan, that's great! We all are. You'll fit right in! Non-Puritan? HA! YOU CANNOT COME! You can enjoy seeing your children grow up in a safe, disciplined school environment. While they're gone, you don't have to work on the gardens! Our slaves do it for you! Connecticut is the perfect paradise for Puritans and their children to live, work, and die!