The Splash

May 2016

National Water Safety Month

Did you know that drowning is the LEADING CAUSE of preventable death for kids under 4??? All month long we will be sharing tips on how to keep your kids and loved ones safer around water on our social media pages. Be sure to like and share to help spread the word and keep your friends safer too!

Here's what's going on at the Swim Weatherford location...

Kathryn's Corner

Summer is just around the corner! Everytime I go into a store, I always walk down the "swim" isle to see what fun toys or cute suits they have out for the year, but I am always taken back by the life jacket displays. It seems that retailers and manufacturers are more into selling cute than selling safety. It is because of this that I urge everyone to read carefully the labels and be sure that the life jacket you choose is a US Coast Guard Approved flotation device. Those small words could mean the difference of life and death to your precious baby. For more info or photographic examples, be sure to visit our Facebook page.