Ancient Egyptian Government

By Karla Ferguson-Ramirez


In Ancient Egypt, the head of the government was Pharaoh. The ancient Egyptians called him Pharaoh , not the Pharaoh because there was only one at the time. Pharaoh owned everything. No one owned anything because the Pharaoh owned it all. Pharaoh held the two titles: 'Lord of the Two Lands' and 'High Priest of Every Temple'. Many pharaohs went to war when their land was threatened. If Pharaoh won, then the conquered people had to recognize the Egyptian pharaoh as their ruler and offer him the finest and most valuable goods from their land.

Pharaohs Army

Pharaohs Army

Each Pharaoh had its own army which included a police force and a huge number of ministers and government officials to help him rule the country. The most important of these helpers was Pharaoh's Vizier. Every day, the Vizier gave Pharaoh a concise report on what was happening all over Egypt. He also received reports from every top official every day.
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