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Smoke Shop In Savannah - Picking the right one

smokecartel.com is known as a head shop and smoke shop finder featuring a head shop locator and directory. Our staff and userbase of head glass and shop art enthusiasts review head shops, glass gallerys, and smoke shops across the country that may help you find exactly what you are searching for.

So what is a "head shop"?

A "head shop" or "headshop" (wikipedia) can be a smoke shop or hippy shop that are experts in tobacco paraphernalia and smoking accessories, together with glass art,music and clothing, and home decor. The initial head shops showed in San Francisco during the 1960's. Now there are thousands of head shops across the world with an increase of opening everyday. Most head shops stock bongs (note: in the states head shops require that you contact them "water pipes" or "tubes"), hookahs, glass pipes, pipe screens, vaporizers, rolling papers, blunt wraps, digital scales, sexincense and toys, hemp products, tapestries, blacklight posters, and cigarette lighters. Work with this directory to locate the items at an online head shop or possibly a local head shop near me.

Smoking rocks !! That's why I compiled this gigantic head shop directory around America. I usually had difficulty locating a place to buy a pipe or water pipe, plus i wanted a convenient resource for other smokers in order to get a smoke shop in their area. If I missed any smoke shops in that directory it is possible to get in touch and I'll add it to the list! A specific thing that's always super consistent with one of these head shops, is simply because they all come with an amazing atmosphere. I've seen head shops sell glass pipes, water pipes and tobacco pipes at all types of prices. Navigate while using links and acquire yourself that cool pipe!

The right spot in the city for your head shop needs is Thomas Leather adjacent to Malone's on River St. The majority of the products are within the "tobacco enthusiast" variety, though in addition they sell handmade leather items.

You will find shops around which would fill your preferences though. They include: Planet 3 on Abercorn on the Victorian District, Joker Novelties on Derenne with the openning of Lyons Prkwy, The Comedy Store on Eisenhower inside Toys-r-us shopping mall, and Grady's Flea Market on Ogeechee Rd.

And btw, towards the previous posters, nobody is concered about getting in "trouble" for posting and factor to a head shop question on Yahoo. I was once a large "user" of said tobacco novelties, and are actually privied to information which will obviously help someone.

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