Reasons for the Seasons Project

By: Christopher Saal


1. What causes day and night on Earth? Earth rotation

2. What is Earth’s rotation on its axis and how long does it take the Earth to rotate once? It changes day and night and it takes 24 hours for the earth to rotate

3. What is Earth’s revolution around the Sun and how long does one revolution take? Earths revolution makes the seasons change and it takes 1 year, to be exact 365.25

4. What are the two reasons we have seasons on Earth? Earths tilt on its axis and Earths revolution around the sun

5. What is the difference between seasons in the northern and southern hemispheres? Its opposite

6. Where on Earth does not experience changes in seasons and why? North pole, South pole, and Equator

7. What is the difference in the length of days between our summer and winter months? Summer is longer winter is shorter

8. What are the winter and summer solstices and when do they occur? A winter solstice is the shortest days and starts December 21st and summer are the longest days and starts June 21st

9. What are the spring and fall equinoxes and when do they occur? Equal days and night and spring starts March 21st and fall starts September 21st

10. How long are the days at the North and South Poles during their summer months and why? The north pole gets more summer days than the south because of the tilt.

11. How long are the days throughout the year at the equator and why? 12 hours

12. What would it be like if the Earth was not tilted on its axis? It would be hottest at the Equator and the coldest at the North and South poles and like when you keep going down it would be a combination of spring/fall

13. What do you think would happen if the Earth was titled to a greater degree? The seasons will be different.

14. Do you think there are any naturally occurring events that could cause seasons to change? The earths tilt on axis.

15. What do you think would happen to seasons on Earth if we were closer to the Sun? The seasons will be hotter.

16. When the seasons change does the length of your shadows change? Explain your thinking. Yes because when the seasons change the earth is on different spots of the earth.

17. How do you think organisms (plants and animals) are able to understand the change in seasons (Bear going into hibernation; plants starting to lose leaves). They notice the feeling of how hot or how cold the weather is.

18. What effect would a faster revolution have on Earth’s seasons? It would change how fast the seasons change.

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