Use (Ge) for chemotherepy. Trust me, it saves lives.

Take a look at Germaniums uses:

  • Germanium is a very great semi-conductor material.
  • You can use it in infrared detectors and other optical devices.
  • One of germanium's GREATEST uses is that it is being studied for use in chemotherapy.
  • Commonly doped with arsenic and gallium
  • Some compounds of Ge are effective in killing bacteria
  • Used as an alloying agent as a catalyst


Germanium also called (Ge):

  • Atomic number is 32
  • Atomic mass is 72.64
  • # of protons is 32
  • # of electrons is 32
  • # of neutrons is 41
  • Its normal phase is a solid
  • Its boiling point is 2830 degrees Celsius
  • Its melting point is 937.4 degrees Celsius

Germanium costs 3$ for 1 Gram

Germanium is classified as Metalloid


Germanium was first discovered by Clemens Winkler in 1886. Its origin of name is Latin for Germany.