Federal Court System

Rawan Ajeen

Federal Court System

The Federal Court system is composed of different levels. Each level plays a part to make the Federal Court system of the United States as strong as it is today.

What Happens at the Court of Appeals

-Court of Appeals can do three different things to a case one of them is remand a case, which sends a case back to the lower court.

-Court of Appeals is a panel of judges:

-one judge is in charge of writing an opinion, which would explain the legal reasoning behind the court's decision

-A precedent starts to develop as other judges use similar opinions in similar cases seen in the Court of Appeals.

Federal Court Judges

-These judges are elected by the President (with Senate approval)

-Judges serve life terms, which means they get to serve for as long as they want

Magistrate Judge

-Decide whether people should be kept in jail or released on a set a bail

-View evidence to see whether a case should go to trial or not