Spanish society in the 19th century

from Álvaro Sangiao

Economy and industrialisation

Industrial rebolution was late an slow and only arrived in places like the Baske country.

Most of population worked in fields with underveloped technology. Railway didn´t apiared antil tehe secont half of the centurhy.


The bourgeoisie became rich and dominant social class.

Social problems such as harsh working conditions and even child explotation, the peaseants lived in extreme poverty.


At the beginning of the century, this style reflected the revolutinary atmosphere and faraway places.


In the middle of century and industrial society


At the end of the century, impressionist painters were fluenced by technological advances.
Pinturas Impresionistas

Generation of '98

A group of intelectuals who criticised Spanish society
La Generación del 98

Scientific advances

Several researches achived scientific advances, for example, Ramón y Cajal recived the first novel price.
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