Remembering Ancient Greece

By; Jake Nihen

Ancient Greece's Location and Time Period

Ancient Greece was located north of the mediterranean sea, near the sea of Crete and the Aegean sea. Ancient Greece lasted from 800 to 500 B.C.E

Ancient Greece's Achievement: The Mirror

The "mirror" is a invention created by Archimedes. This wasn't used so people could look at their selves. It was used as a fierce weapon to fend off against Roman battle ships. There would be Greeks lined up along the walls with shiny bronze shield that acted like mirrors. The sun would reflect of the shield and onto the ship, blinding the roman fleet. Have you ever used a magnifying glass on an ant. That same effect would happen to the roman ship. If you aren't killing ants in your free time. If you put a magnifying glass above a ant at the right position, the ant will burn. So using hundreds of rays of sunlight, you could burn a roman ship.

Ancient Greece Achievement: The Torsion Weapon (Ballista)

The Ballista uses the tension of rope to fire at enemy ships. Two arms twist against the twisted ropes so when they let go, the arms swing back. Two gears would be winded back, pulling the arms and putting tension on the ropes. Little notches would make sure the string doesn't move up. Once loaded, a peg would be turned releasing the string, the arms would snap back and the weapon would fire.

Ancient Greece Impacts on the Life After Them: Sports and Olympics

The first impact that the Greeks had is sports and the Olympics. The Greeks invented the Olympics, a series of physical contests. Beginning in 776 BCE, this activity was also used as a military strategy. The used this event to bring together the people of Greece, and exercise the competitors. They were the first people to see the importance physical exercise. As you can see, this has highly affected the modern world. Sports are being playing played at all ages throughout the USA. Also, the Olympics have gotten even more popular, having the whole world involved.

Ancient Greece Impacts on the Life After Them: Theatre

The first theatres were festivals to honor gods. It later became an event of its own. The first genre was tragedy. Later, comedy was introduced to the Greek world. 11 Greek plays have survived to the modern world of drama. This also impacted our modern culture. Plays are extremely popular in present day. Lot’s of middle and high schools have them including Sheehan. This impacts my life too, because I have always loved to participate in plays and/or musicals. Either being a monkey with a rainbow mohawk, moving a couch on and off the stage, or just watching,Plays have something for everyone.