Of Mice and Men

by: John Steinback

Of Mice and Men: Plot

This story is about two friends that accompany eachother as they try to make money to buy a house for each one of them to live in. Lennie, he has a mild mental disorder. George is taking care of him and is the one who decided the idea of them moving into a house together. They work in a farm so that they can make enough money to get the house.But what they dont know is that a lot of trouble is coming their way when one of the mens wives starts to cause trouble with Lennie.


-Lennie~ Man with mild mental disorder

-George~Man helping Lennie by being with him at all times

-Candy~ An old ranch handyman who has suffered the loss of his hand at work.

-Curley's wife~ Wife of Curley. (also causing trouble at the ranch)

-Curley~The bosses son. Thinks hes better then anyone else on the ranch.

-Crooks~Only black guy on the ranch. Gets his name from his crooked back.

-Slim~Highly skilled mule driver. Only one that is actually at peace with himself.

-Carlson~The man who helps Candy with putting his dog down and out of its misery.

-Aunt Clara~Lennie's aunt. She was with him his whole life until she died.

-Whit~A ranch hand.

Our main Characters:

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