The Time Before Times

By: Nina Quintana

Mysterious barking comes from inside Cabelas

Inside the hunters surplus, people have reported hearing the barking of a small to medium sized dog. The employees were notified after hearing the strange sound. No one knows where it came from, so animal control was called to remove the animal. Authorities were baffled when they could not locate the dog. Tapes from the stores video cameras were pulled, and hours of footage were viewed with little to no success. The search is still going on to this day.

14 year old discovers and names a new species of dinosaur!

While walking outside on her morning walk one sunday morning, Hazel Greenwood noticed an odd shape sticking out of the dirt of a hill. Apon further inspection it was a fossilized skeleton of an ancient creature. The local palentology club was called, when they tried to brush it off as a hoax, she gave them what for! She had auctally been a student at Chicago University, and was working on her masters in that very subject. The dinosaur was what appeared to be a cross between a t rex and a bat. She decided to name it Dracoterrorem. Or dragon terror, in simpiler terms for those of you who arent fluent in latin.
Big image

(Above) A skeletal reconstruction of the Dracoterrorem

Hazel clearly pointed out,

" Its quite simple really, since these bones were found by accident, and they have been tested, which means this is no hoax. I didnt appreciate how they disregarded my knowlage. Though at the end of the day, at least we have another species to add to the book, and a spark of hope to those who believe dragons are real."


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