By Briana Morales

Physical and Chemical Properties

Atomic Mass: 138.9055

Atomus Radius in pm: N/A

Density: 6.146 g/cm to the 3rd power

Melting Point: 920 degrees C

Boiling Point: 3464 degrees C

At 22 degrees C it's a solid

Appearence: rectangular shape that is silver

Conductivity: 13 W/(m K)

Malleability: Yes

Hardness: not that hard, able to cut with a knife

Very flammable and reactive

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Background Info

Lanthanum has 57 protons, 82 neutrons, and 57 electrons. Carl Gustav Mosander found this element while extracting lanthama from impure cerium nitrate in Stockholm, Sweden in 1839. Lanthanum comes from the Greek word lanthanein. Carbon lighting in a studio is one of the most common uses for lanthanum and mostly found in the ores of monazite sand.
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Element Project: Lanthanum