Pearl Harbor

Tylor Wilman

Attack On Pearl Habor!

Early this morning, right before Eight o'clock am the Japanese attacked our military base in Pearl Harbor. It was a bloody mess. After two hours of this horrible attack, 2,000 military personal were killed/murdered. Hospitals were, and still are, filled with almost 1,000 injured people, the burses and doctors are rushing around, trying to make sure everyone is okay. They are running out of room to put injured people, that also meaning they're running out of medicine for these people..a lot lot of life will be lost today..They sunk 20 of our Naval Vessels, and destroyed almost 200 airplanes. Our nation will be shaken about this attacked. Tomorrow the congress and President Franklin D. Roosevelt will be discussing if we are going to declare war on Japan, and if we do, we will be placing the US into WW2.
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Japan's Surprise of 1941

The morning of Dec 7,1941 , before 8am, the Japanese surprised a military base in pearl harbor. The horrible attack happened for over two hours, killing more than 2,000 American soldiers, sinking nearly 20 Naval ships, and destroying almost 200 airplanes. Do to this attack, the next day, President Franklin D. Roosevelt and Congress discussed declaring war on Japan, and they did. Declaring war on Japan, also entered the US in WW2. Today in the US, people honor this date by having a Remembrance day of pearl harbor every December 7th. We have also have a couple memorials, such as the USS Arizona memorial, this memorial is for all military personal lost in the Pearl Harbor attack. There is also the not so famous sunken ship, the USS Utah memorial, it is a memorial for the people who died on the day of pearl harbor, this memorial is not as famous or known as the USS Arizona memorial. There are other sunken ships like the USS.