Magazine Art Director

Visual Art

Job Discription

As a magazine art director, you likely would oversee the design and presentation of written content, photographs and graphics. You also might hire and manage a staff of graphic designers, copywriters and editors. Additionally, you could meet with clients to determine project expectations, gather information and discuss budget. You might liaise with production managers and creative directors to share ideas and coordinate assignments. Traveling to photo shoots and printing facilities might be necessary to ensure that production standards are being met.

Education and Experience

The art director position require a bachelor's degree in an art-related field, such as fine art, photography, graphic design or illustration or in journalism or photojournalism.

advertising and communication.

Should be efficient in art management programs, artistic concepts with business, management and marketing principles.

Must have artistic talent and TRUE expertise in InDesign & Photoshop with some knowledge of Wordpress and basic html code a plus.

Two or more years experience is preferred.

Salary and Location

According to the BLS, art directors in the publishing industry earned a mean annual salary of $80,520 as of May 2013. Salaries for this position can vary by education level, years of experience and geographic region. For example, the BLS reported that art directors in major media and publishing regions like New York earned a mean annual wage of $129,130 as of May 2013. At the same time, art directors in Texas earned a mean annual salary of $77,030.

Professional Group

1. SVA School of Visual Art, New York

2. AIGA, San Francisco

3. CAlifornia College of Art, Bay Area