by oshay

what is cloaning

cloning is the copying of dna of one organism and making one exactly alike

how is it done

first you must isolate the doner cell a sacratic cell that is a cunmalus cell that help nurish the egg cell from the doner of course. you also isolate the doner egg cell. then you remove and discard the egg cell nucleuse. after that you take the nucleause from the sacratic cell and implant it into the egg cell. then you wait a few hours so that the dna gets settled and used to each other. now you must stimulate the egg cell to begain mittosis. to do this you drop a liquid cmemical on the cell. after this you must wait 7 hours for the cell to divid 17 times making a little ball of cells. after this we place th embyo into the womb of a female perfferabley of the same specis. the female will be pregnant with the clone and will eventullay give birth to a baby clone.

why is it good

well some people would do it if they need some sort of trans plant whether it be blood or an organ. some to experiment with deasesis or just experiments if a persons. pet dies they can just get a new one

why is it bad

whel along whit all the upsides there are some down sides. whel its more of a spiritaul and mortality problem. in more ways than one is it really or bussiness to clone humans. and even if it was ok and wasnt banned because of president clinton if we tried there probably wouldnt be a very high percentag chanc that the clone would survive. is it really worth it?

and thats a wrap