Second Grade News

December 6, 2015

Events for this Week


9:30 am Height/weight/vision screening


2:30 am Art Mobile


Woodland Native American Test


Roxy Reader Dog visit

Ask Your Child About

What are the two different types of how to measure temperature?

What is you new table number?

When you are reading what do you do when you get to a period or a comma?

What's a conjunction? (It connects two simple sentences. Examples are the following: and, but, and or)

What We Are Learning About This Week


  • Infer meaning
  • Adjectives
  • Appropriate pace
  • Point of View


  • Estimating cost
  • Adding multiple numbers together
  • Adding two and three digit numbers together


  • Adding details to their story and telling more

Social Studies

  • Native American Test



In Math this week we will be working on adding 2 digit numbers together. This is a difficult skill for the kids. I will be teaching the kids both the traditional method and the partial sums method.

A great resource is to go on the Everyday Math Website. In order to access this website you will need your child's Everyday Math Log which is located in your child's binder.

Once you’re in the website you will need to indicate the lessons that we are on for the day. Then you can access many things like games, Home Links and view tutorial videos. So if your child leaves their Home Link book in school you can go on the web page and print out the page!

Please make sure your child is practicing their math facts at home. They should be visiting the EXTRA Math site twice a week at home



Fluency Page

Spelling Page

Math Home Link 4.5


Fluency Page

Study for Native American Test

Math Home Link 4.6


Fluency Page

Spelling page

Math Home Link 4.7


Fluency Page

Spelling Page

Math Home Link 4.8

Extra Math 2x a week

Table 3 Won Lunch Bunch for Nov.!