Where I Stand

By Katheryn Leclair

Library Services in Markham

How Libraries give to their Community

Public libraries have a lot to offer their communities. They provide a welcoming atmosphere for all genders, ages, and religions. They serve as a common work space for the public with the free access to internet and many, many books and resources. Libraries give children a great environment to grow in their literacy skills with an area designated just to help peruse children of the community.

Concerns I Have

The world of technology has expanded into eBooks. This is where you can get books on your devices such as a tablet, phone, or computer. Although I prefer the book in my hand and to visit the library, one concern I have about libraries is that they have not yet converted, or added, eBooks to their options for borrowing books. Times are changing, and as much as I would like for books not to evolve into technology, I believe it is best for libraries to tap into eBooks to meet the demands of the community's busy lives.

Praises for Markham's Libraries

One thing I appreciate about the libraries throughout the Markham community is that they care about you experience. The put time and consideration into the best possible way to treat their visitors. This is proven through actions and through the fact that they have a survey they learn and grow from.

Fire and Emergency Department

How the Fire & Emergency Department give to their communities

Most Fire and Emergency Departments include fire fighters, paramedics, emergency technicians, ambulance corps, search and rescue services, and forest fire fighters. The men and women apart of this department serve and protect the citizens of Markham which makes Markham a safe and secure place to live in. They keep order and assurance in the community of Markham.

Praises for Markham's Fire and Emergency Department

Markham's Fire and Emergency Department is continuously improving technology, updating procedures and intensifying training to ensure the best possible attention to any emergency situation. With this determination and care put into Markham's emergency department, Markham citizens are able to feel safe and at ease with their living environment.

My Concerns

After doing research, I came upon the Firemen Recruitment. Although that this is currently being addressed, it puts the slightest of worry in my mind that there are not of men and women in the emergency department. It makes me wonder if there were to be more than one major emergency if there would be enough workers to attend the scene and ensure safety.

Markham Fire Recruitment 2014

Bus and Transit in Markham

Bus and Transit- How they are important

The transit system in Markham is well maintained and very efficient. The transit system allow use for daily commuters and single time users. This is good because it acts like a gian t car pooling system- a way to safe the environment. Also, not every household in Markham has enough cars to ensure every member of the house gets where they need to go , so the transit system is a practical alternative to having a personal car.

My Concerns of Bus & Transit

The transit routes are quite easy to follow, however, the times of the buses aren't. The buses' times are in large intervals apart meaning if you miss one bus, you have to wait another half hour or so. Also, they are difficult to predict. Buses at different stops comes at different times which could be hard to remember. A way to solve this problem is to have a sheet posted in the bus waiting shuttle that states the time of the bus.

Another concern I have about the transit system is the transfer tickets. The problem I am always faced with is that I get my transfer whenever I begin my bus ride, and my original ride eats up the time of my transfer. I think is unfair because you aren't truly getting a two hour time gap to catch all the buses you need to transfer. Also, if you are using the bus to get somewhere, such as the mall, it is logical to use a transfer so you don't have to pay a ridiculous amount of $4 on your way back. However, the time on your transfer is used up on the bus ride to the mall per say.